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福島原発「コントロールされている」発言、そうは思わない76% via 朝日新聞社世論調査 via 朝日新聞

朝日新聞社の全国定例世論調査(電話)では、東京電力福島第一原発の汚染水問題をめぐり、安倍晋三首相が東京五輪の招致演説で「状況はコントロールされている」と発言したことについても質問した。この発言を「その通りだ」と受け止めた人は11%にとどまり、「そうは思わない」と答えた人は76%にのぼった。▼1面参照 安倍内閣支持層でも「その通りだ」は18%、「そうは思わない」は71%で、自民支持層でも17%対70%だった。東北地方では10%対81%と、「そうは思わない」が圧倒的多数を占めた。 一方、2020年に東京五輪・パラリンピックの開催が決まったことについては「よかった」が77%で、「そうは思わない」の16%を引き離した。年代別にみると、「よかった」は50代以下では8割を超えているが、60代以上では7割に届かなかった。 続きは福島原発「コントロールされている」発言、そうは思わない76%

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Hanford whistleblower laid off while DOE report faults procedures at troubled nuclear site via Daily Whistleblower News

A new report from the Energy Department’s Inspector General shows that Bechtel – the firm behind the minimum $12+ billion waste-treatment project at the Hanford Nuclear Site in Washington state – has been obtaining important parts without subjecting the purchases … Continue reading

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Company fires scientist who warned of Hanford waste site problems via The Los Angeles Times

When senior scientist Walter Tamosaitis warned in 2011 about fundamental design flaws at the nation’s largest facility to treat radioactive waste in Hanford, Wash., he was assigned to work in a basement room without office furniture or a telephone. On … Continue reading

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Nearly nature, nearly perfect But, near Hanford (part 1) via Spokanecda.com

By Paul K. Haeder The Hanford story is a puzzle, and the connection to Spokane is both ironic and scary in many ways. Part two of this series will look more closely at the “hot milk” connection to Spokane, the … Continue reading

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Japan PM seeks overseas help on Fukushima nuclear plant via The Sydney Morning Herald

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says Japan is open to receiving overseas help to contain widening radioactive water leaks at the crippled nuclear plant in Fukushima, with leaks and mishaps reported almost daily. Abe made the comments in a speech at … Continue reading

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In 5 Charts, Here’s Why Nuclear Energy Is Going Nowhere via Business Insider

At least five U.S. nuclear plants have been shuttered this year, the result of runaway expenses and an inability to compete with cheap natural gas produced by the shale boom. So you may not need more reason to think nuclear … Continue reading

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NRC blames Mitsubishi for damages at San Onofre nuclear via Powergrid International

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was responsible for the failures that led to the permanent closure of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. The NRC issued a preliminary public notice September 23 that said MHI’s computer … Continue reading

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[video] Fukushima farmers negotiate with Japanese Government June 6

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韓国・密陽送電塔工事再開と抗議運動関連ニュース via 環境運動連合

韓国語サイトからの自動翻訳を紹介します。 韓国語サイト 自動翻訳(韓→日)

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밀양송전탑 공사 재개 via 환경운동연합 소개 

밀양 주민들이 위험하다. 이제 나흘 째인데, 주민들은 지금 너무 힘들다. 나흘 째 노숙을 하면서 주민들의 건강은 급속도로 나빠지고 있다. 주민들은 어떻게 하든 이 송전탑 공사만큼은 막아야 하기 때문에 누렇게 익어가는 나락을 버려두며, 출하하지 못해 비닐하우스에서 시들어가는 고추를 바라보며, 일년 농사를 … Continue reading

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