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Indian Point reactors contaminate New York groundwater via The Ecologist

Highly radioactive tritium has leaked into groundwater at the Indian Point nuclear site 40 miles north of Manhattan, New York, write Sam Thielman & Alan Yuhas. Governor Cuomo has ordered a review of safety at the site, where two reactors are operating with no NRC license.

Radioactive material has leaked into the groundwater below a nuclear power plant north of New York City, prompting a state investigation on Saturday and condemnation from Governor Andrew Cuomo.


In one location radioactivity levels rose nearly 65,000%, from 12,300 picocuries per liter to over 8,000,000 picocuries per liter.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s maximum contaminant level for tritium in drinking water is 20,000 picocuries per liter, though Entergy, the company that owns the plant, emphasized that only groundwater, and not drinking water, were contaminated.


Both reactors operating without licences

An astonishing aspect of the matter is that Indian Point units 1 and 2 are both operating without licences from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Unit 2’s licence expired in September 2013, and Unit 3’s licence expired on 12th December 2015. However in both cases the NRC his given permission for the plants to keep on running while Entergy’s renewal applications for 20-year extensions were under way.

Since their licence expiries both reactors have been involved in unauthorized radiation releases, of tritium in particular, and numerous unscheduled closures.

Tritium is a relatively short-lived radioactive hydrogen isotope that cannot penetrate the skin, however it can be consumed in food and water and be taken up in tissues. It is considered a health risk for illnesses, including cancer.

There have been many tritium leaks at the plant in recent years, though Saturday’s leak appears to be the most serious so far. Public Service Commission chair Audrey Zibelman faces a deadline for the results of the pre-existing investigation by President’s Day, 15th February.

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チェルノブイリ土地利用解禁へ…30キロ圏一部 via 読売新聞



 同庁などによると、この計画は昨年12月、政府からポロシェン コ大統領へ提出された。現在は、同原発から約30キロの範囲を中心に、無許可での立ち入りや経済活動が禁止されているが、新たな計画では一部地域で経済活 動を認める。原発の南側の10~30キロ圏などが対象となる見通し。


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福島の高校生が被ばく調査 「客観事実で判断を」via 東京新聞

 東京電力福島第1原発事故の経験を踏まえ、国内外の高校生の被ばく線量を調査した福島県立福島高校の生徒らが8日、日本外国特派員協会(東京都千 代田区)で記者会見した。調査結果によると、福島とそれ以外の地域で被ばく線量に大きな違いはなく、同高3年の小野寺悠さん(18)は「客観的な事実を基 に(安全かどうかを)判断する姿勢が重要だ」と訴えた。



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NY近郊の原発で放射性物質漏れ via Sputnik



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Gov. Cuomo: ‘Alarming’ levels of radioactivity found after Indian Point contaminated water leak via abc7

An investigation is underway in Westchester after radioactive contaminated water leaked into ground water at the Indian Point Nuclear Facility.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office says alarming levels of radioactivity were found in three monitoring wells on Friday. The level in one well increased 65,000 percent.

However, officials say the contaminated water has not moved off site, and that there is no public health treat.
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大震災 福島第1原発事故 被災者糖尿病リスク 事故後、6割増 南相馬・相馬via 毎日新聞





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Kudankulam nuclear power plant down due to steam leak via The Times of India

CHENNAI: The 1,000 MW nuclear power plant at Kudankulam stopped generation on Thursday night following a steam leak, Power System Operation Corporation Ltd (POSOCO) said.
The unit was restarted only on January 30 after nearly seven months of maintenance shutdown.[…]

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汚染木くずは鹿児島など計6県に 大津地検が捜査資料開示 福島第1原発事故で放出の放射性セシウム via 産経ウエスト

 東京電力福島第1原発事故で放出された放射性セシウムに汚染された木くずが滋賀県高島市などに不法投棄された事件で、木くずは滋賀のほかに茨城、 栃木、千葉、山梨、鹿児島の各県にも搬出されていたことが6日、大津地検が部分開示した捜査資料で明らかになった。



全文は 汚染木くずは鹿児島など計6県に 大津地検が捜査資料開示 福島第1原発事故で放出の放射性セシウム

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Radiation Alert: L.A. Gas Well Spewing LETHAL LEVELS Of Breathable Nuclear Material: “Fukushima Class Disaster” via SHTF

n a breaking development that has been completely ignored by mainstream news sources, the leaking natural gas well near Los Angeles, California is now reportedly spewing lethal levels of radioactive material, according to a report from Steve Quayle and a group with expertise in nuclear material.

A leaking natural gas well outside Los Angeles is spewing so much naturally-occurring Uranium and Radon, that “breathable” radiation levels have hit “lethal levels” according to a Nuclear Expert group.

Hal Turner of Super Station 95 reports that the well is releasing 1.91 Curies (Ci) of radiation per hour.

This rogue well is spewing huge amounts of natural gas and about 1.91 curies an hour of natural radioactive material in the natural gas… 1.91 curies an hour is about 45.9 curies per day… It’s a really, really big leak.

A curie is a unit of measure in the U.S. to describe very large radioactive releases.


In short, the leak is massive and researchers at UC Davis have indicated that they have never encountered as much methane in the air as they have over suburban Los Angeles in recent months.

While resident complaints of feeling ill, vomiting and nausea have been chalked off by officials as the result of breathing in the natural gas, it is quite possible and increasingly likely that what they are experiencing is actually radiation poisoning.

According to one report, the radiation levels in the Chernobyl control room following the 1986 disaster reached about 300 Sv per hour. That was enough to provide a lethal dose to anyone in the room within 1-2 minutes.

While the Los Angeles leak is widespread with radiation disbursing across the city, the fact remains that millions of Sieverts of radiation have been released and will continue to be released until such time that the well is permanently sealed.

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Ukraine receives first fuel batch from US Westinghouse for NPP this year — minister via Tass

Overall, five such fuel deliveries are scheduled for the Ukrainian NPPs this year

“Five out of thirteen deliveries will be made by Westinghouse [the other deliveries will be carried out by Russia]. This is far from [energy] independence but gives a possibility to hold talks with confidence on the terms and the price of deliveries,” the minister said.

The Ukrainian energy and coal minister said earlier that in 2016 Ukraine would import “40% of nuclear fuel from Europe,” meaning that the Westinghouse plant producing fuel assemblies for Ukraine was based in Sweden.

Ukraine’s nuclear power plant operator Energoatom and the US-based Westinghouse have been cooperating since 2000 under the project of introducing US nuclear fuel at Ukrainian NPPs.

In 2014, Ukraine extended its contract with Westinghouse to 2020.

Starting from 2016, uranium for Westinghouse’s fuel assemblies is enriched by France’s Areva under a contract signed by the companies earlier.

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