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Justice Department Surpasses $2 Billion in Awards Under the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act via Imperial Valley News

Washington, DC – The Justice Department announced today that it has awarded more than $2 billion in compassionate compensation to eligible claimants under the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA).

The RECA was enacted in 1990 as a non-adversarial alternative to litigation for individuals who contracted certain illnesses following exposure to radiation as a result of the United States’ atmospheric nuclear testing program and uranium ore processing operations during the Cold War. Congress expanded the scope of the law’s coverage in 2000. In its present form, the RECA provides lump sum compensation awards to individuals who contracted specified diseases in three defined populations: uranium miners, millers and ore transporters who are eligible for $100,000 per claim; participants in atmospheric nuclear weapons tests who are eligible for $75,000 per claim; and individuals who lived downwind of the Nevada Test Site (downwinders) who are eligible for $50,000 per claim.

Compensation has been awarded to individuals residing in every state. Since 1990, nearly 43,000 claims have been filed and 32,000 claims have been approved. Residents of the Four Corners Region of the American southwest have filed the majority of RECA claims. The department has awarded more than 9,400 claims filed by residents of Arizona, valued at more than $500 million. Approximately 3,800 claims filed by residents of New Mexico have been awarded, valued at nearly $350 million, and approximately 5,800 claims filed by Utah residents have been awarded, valued at approximately $330 million. Colorado residents have received awards in more than 3,200 claims, valued at more than $213 million.

Awards to Native American claimants total approximately $264 million distributed among members of 17 different tribes. The department has awarded more than 2,800 claims filed by members of the Navajo Nation, valued at more than $212 million. In addition, the department has awarded more than $24 million to members of the Laguna Pueblo Tribe and more than $9 million to members of the Apache Tribes.

Since 1990, the department has awarded more than 3,600 claims filed by veterans, civil servants and contractors who participated onsite in atmospheric nuclear tests, valued in excess of $266 million. Nearly $100 million of this compensation was awarded following a surge in claims filed in 2011 and 2012.

The RECA will expire on July 9, 2022, and claims received after that date will be barred. Individuals interested in filing a claim may visit the department’s RECA website or contact the Radiation Exposure Compensation Program at 800-729-7327.

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Conference to dismantle case for nuclear via Molly Scott Cato

A special conference hosted by Green MEPs will this week seek to dismantle the case for Hinkley C nuclear power station and bring an end to the argument that nuclear is ever part of a sustainable energy future. The London conference will take place to coincide with the 4th anniversary of the Fukushima disaster and will reveal the findings of a soon to be released report commissioned by Molly Scott Cato MEP [1]. The report will say:

  • The South West has the potential to generate more than enough of its energy needs through renewables
  • Renewables would provide significant revenue by keeping money circulating in the local economy and through exporting surplus energy to the national grid
  • There is the potential for at least 80,000 new jobs in the renewables sector
  • Rapidly declining costs of renewables together with new energy storage technologies and local smart grids will ensure that renewables are highly competitive with other forms of energy generation and ultimately cheaper than nuclear
  • Inadequate funding mechanisms and a lack of political will are holding back the renewables sector in the South West
  • Large scale divestment from fossil fuels and nuclear power and investing instead in renewables could rapidly create a low carbon resilient future for the South West.

The report will make clear a new economic model is needed which encourages community ownership of energy and divestment from fossil fuels and nuclear. It will call for a mechanism to broker ethical investors with renewable energy initiatives that are seeking funding.



If you would like to attend the conference please contact Amanda Williams, Regional Liaison Officer to Molly Scott Cato: 07780 970621

Read more at Conference to dismantle case for nuclear

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福島事故、隣県でも甲状腺検査を 医師団体示唆 via 福井新聞

【ベルリン共同】東京電力福島第1原発事故から4年となるのを前に、核戦争防止国際医師会議(IPPNW、 本部・米マサチューセッツ州)が3日、ドイツの首都ベルリンで記者会見し「子どもの甲状腺検査が福島県に限定されている」と懸念を表明、事故の影響の全体 像把握には隣県での検査も必要との考えを示唆した。



全文は福島事故、隣県でも甲状腺検査を  医師団体示唆

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Radiological Dose Rates to Marine Fish from the Fukushima Daiichi Accident: The First Three Years Across the North Pacific via Environmental Science and Technology


A more complete record is emerging of radionuclide measurements in fish tissue, sediment, and seawater samples from near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) and across the Pacific Ocean. Our analysis of publicly available data indicates the dose rates to the most impacted fish species near the FDNPP (median 1.1 mGy d–1, 2012–2014 data) have remained above benchmark levels for potential dose effects at least three years longer than was indicated by previous, data-limited evaluations. Dose rates from 134,137Cs were highest in demersal species with sediment-associated food chains and feeding behaviors. In addition to 134,137Cs, the radionuclide 90Sr was estimated to contribute up to approximately one-half of the total 2013 dose rate to fish near the FDNPP. Mesopelagic fish 100–200 km east of the FDNPP, coastal fish in the Aleutian Islands (3300 km), and trans-Pacific migratory species all had increased dose rates as a consequence of the FDNPP accident, but their total dose rates remained dominated by background radionuclides. A hypothetical human consumer of 50 kg of fish, gathered 3 km from the FDNPP in 2013, would have received a total committed effective dose of approximately 0.95 mSv a–1 from combined FDNPP and ambient radionuclides, of which 0.13 mSv a–1 (14%) was solely from the FDNPP radionuclides and below the 1 mSv a–1 benchmark for public exposure.

Read the article (PDF) at Radiological Dose Rates to Marine Fish from the Fukushima Daiichi Accident: The First Three Years Across the North Pacific

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Transportation Budget Has $3 Million For Nuclear Ship via Roll Call

Tucked in President Obama’s $94.7 billion Fiscal Year 2016 budget request for the Department of Transportation is $3 million for a ship berthed in Baltimore which has carried neither cargo nor passengers since 1970.

The Maritime Administration is seeking the money for maintenance and “radiological protection” for the nuclear-powered merchant ship Savannah, a National Historic Landmark and an artifact of the Eisenhower Era.

To anyone concerned about fossil fuel pollution, a merchant fleet with no carbon dioxide or sulfur emissions might seem appealing.

The Savannah was launched by First Lady Mamie Eisenhower in 1959 as part of her husband’s Atoms for Peace campaign. It was to be a prototype of clean, efficient, nuclear-powered merchant ships.

In launching Atoms for Peace, President Eisenhower said he wanted to “hasten the day when fear of the atom will begin to disappear from the minds of people” and assure Americans that the billions of dollars they’d spent on nuclear research and development wasn’t for “the sole purpose of using it for world destruction.”

Hopes were high: “Just as the steamboat freed merchant shipping from dependence on wind and tide, so nuclear power can free merchant ships from dependence on the availability of fuel at remote ports of call,” wrote the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) in a bullish report in 1964.

That report also makes interesting reading today as pro-merchant shipping members of Congress worry about the future of the U.S. fleet and argue for the Jones Act and other federal support to keep it afloat.


The Savannah was taken out of service in 1970 and its reactor core was defueled in 1971, but the reactor components remain low-level radioactive waste and must be removed and disposed of by 2031.

If you’re interested in some nuclear tourism, the Maritime Administration holds one public open house each year on the Savannah. This year it’s on May 17.

Read more at Transportation Budget Has $3 Million For Nuclear Ship

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福島第一汚染水漏れ 情報開示できず官房長官おわびvia 東京新聞




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福島へ介護就職 伸びず…厚労省の奨学金事業via 読売新聞





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<常磐道全通>高い空間線量 安全対策が課題 via 河北新報

常磐自動車道の全線開通は、1966年の予定路線決定から49年で実現した。東日本大震災と福島第1原発事故の影響で工事が中断されたが、安倍晋三首相は 「復興の起爆剤」として1日の全線開通を表明、現場が工期を短縮するなどし開通にこぎ着けた。復興加速へ重要な役割を担う一方、空間放射線量の高い区域を 通行するため、安全対策が課題となる。





全文は<常磐道全通>高い空間線量 安全対策が課題


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放射能は300年消えず。食品汚染の今 原発事故から4年、あの問題は… via dot



11年3月。東京電力福島第一原発事故により、84京(けい)ベクレル(京は兆の1万倍)もの放射性物質が大気中に放出された。これはチェルノブイリ原発 事故(1986年)による放出量の16%余に当たる。人々の間に食品の放射能汚染への不安が一気に広がり、水や食べ物に対する関心が高まった。

事故から4年経ち、人々の関心は薄まっているように見えていたが、2月下旬、2号機原子炉建屋から、放射性物質を含む雨水が排水路を通じて海に流出してい たことが明らかになった。東電は昨年5月頃、排水路での値が他の調査地点より高いことに気付いていながら十分に対策を講じず、公表もしていなかった。これ に対し、地元漁業者からは「情報隠しだ」などと批判が相次ぎ、信頼関係を揺るがす事態になった。


放射性物質の半減期を踏まえると、この4年間で、空間線量は56%減少した。しかし、いまだに食べ物からは、東日本の広い範囲で基準値を超える値が検出さ れている。厚生労働省の集計では、昨年4月から今年1月の間に東日本17都県で約27万件を検査。基準値を超えたのは、0.17%の456件だった。



土壌でも、これと似たような構図がある。小豆川さんによると、例えば、環境省のガイドラインにのっとって市内の空 間線量率は基準値以下であることを確認したと、市が公式に発表していたとしても、公園の端っこの吹きだまりなどでは、ゆうに基準値を超える場所があるとい う。実際、昨年8月、東京23区内のマンションの排水溝にたまった汚泥などを測定したところ、2万ベクレルを超える場所があった。指定廃棄物となる国の基 準(1キロ当たり8千ベクレル)をはるかに超える数値だ。だが、関係する役所に通達しても、一切対応はなかったという。








海洋学者の故・笠松不二男さんが1999年に発表した論文によれば、海水での放射性セシウムの濃度を「1」とした時、アカガレイ44倍、ヒラメ68倍、カ ツオとブリは122倍……と魚の種類によって濃縮の度合いはさまざまだが、最大で100倍以上の濃縮が起きている。木村さんは言う。





全文は放射能は300年消えず。食品汚染の今 原発事故から4年、あの問題は…

初出はAERA 2015年3月9日号

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福島・南相馬市長、全国初の「脱原発都市宣言」へ via FNN





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