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St. Louis burning: A ticking time bomb beneath the city? via Aljazeera

[This is the last part of trilogy: the information for the first two are at the end of this article]


In 1973, radioactive waste a private company had bought from the government was illegally dumped at the landfill. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission recommended the waste be removed in 1988, but the company that now owns the land has — with EPA approval — opted for containment as opposed to removal, maintaining that the waste there is low-level when it comes to radioactivity, and not a threat to public health.

But it may not be that simple. Government documents unearthed by residents suggest that the extent of the contamination may be far worse — perhaps at an unprecedented level, some experts say. Following a largely broken or incomplete paper trail, residents and activists have found evidence that there may be soil laced with uranium, thorium and radium buried there.

And there is another problem: the fire. It smolders underneath an adjacent landfill, burning at some 300 degrees and slowly moving toward where the waste is thought to be.

Nobody is quite sure what will happen if the two meet, but locals and the county are preparing for the worst: a nuclear emergency in the middle of St. Louis.

The truth is that nobody is really sure what is buried at the West Lake Landfill, or where — and that’s the problem. The historical record regarding the site is broken, inconsistent, and largely based on hearsay. What is known for certain is that the radioactive waste was disposed of illegally. The private company that bought much of the government’s waste in St. Louis violated its license in 1973 by dumping it there.

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反原発でなく復興派が言う、帰れアプリ、帰れ一面、帰れアイコン 吉田邦吉 via WELTGEIST FUKUSHIMA



マスメディアによる被災者イジメに「心のケア必要」と新聞一面には自分で書けないのかもしれない。残念だ。とても悲しい。新聞は言っていることと やっていることが異なってしまっている。言っては悪いがいい大人が学生のアプリを信頼して帰還するかどうかなど決められるわけがない。








全文は 反原発でなく復興派が言う、帰れアプリ、帰れ一面、帰れアイコン 吉田邦吉

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Arson suspected cause of forest fire near Chernobyl via World Nuclear News

Firefighters were today still battling to extinguish Ukraine’s worst forest fire in 23 years, but state officials said its spread towards the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant had been halted. Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said yesterday that the situation was already under control and that there had been no changes to levels of background radiation.

“Our state emergency services are working very actively to localise the fires,” Yatsenyuk said in a televised report near the site. “Three planes, one helicopter and several vehicles have been deployed. And serious forces, including those from the interior ministry, are being used to prevent the fire from spreading.” He added that the authorities suspected the fire had been started deliberately since it covered areas on either side of the river.

In a government statement, Nikolai Chechetkin, deputy head of Ukraine’s state emergency service, also said that arson was a “probable” cause of the fire.

Continue reading at Arson suspected cause of forest fire near Chernobyl

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チェルノブイリ原発近くの森林火災が鎮火、放火の可能性も via AFP News

【5月3日 AFP】ウクライナ政府は2日、チェルノブイリ(Chernobyl)原発付近で4日間にわたって続いていた森林火災が同日午前9時(日本時間同日午後3時)に消防の消火活動により鎮火したと発表した。



ウクライナのアルセン・アバコフ(Arsen Avakov)内相は放火の可能性も排除していないと述べている。この火災はチェルノブイリ原発事故の発生から29年目を迎えた日のわずか2日後に発生していた。


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Reject burying nuke waste in Great Lakes basin: Thorold politicians via Niagara this week

Lake Huron and connecting waterways source of drinking water for millions downstream

THOROLD — Burying nuclear waste that will remain toxic for a thousand centuries a short hop from the shoreline of a Great Lake would be foolhardy, Thorold politicians want the world to know.

City council members have unanimously endorsed a call for the burying of low- and intermediate-grade nuclear waste at the Bruce Nuclear generating station to be banned.

Ontario Power Generation plans to construct an underground, long-term burial facility for the waste  in a geological repository only a kilometre from the shoreline of Lake Huron,  said Coun. Sergio Paone, who brought forward a motion on the issue at the April 7 city council meeting.

Paone said the motion wasn’t opposing the notion of burying nuclear waste, noting there may be suitable locations elsewhere.

“When they looked for a place to bury waste, they didn’t even consider other sites,” he said. “But to put it one kilometre away from the Great Lakes basin is frankly quite ridiculous.”

Continue reading at Reject burying nuke waste in Great Lakes basin: Thorold politicians

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“フクイチ”で新たな恐怖! 海外の研究者や政府関係者が不安視、苛立つ最悪の「地底臨界」危機進行中? via 週プレNews


それと連動するように、原発周辺の「放射線モニタリングポスト」が軒並み高い線量を記録。復旧したての常磐自動車道・南相馬鹿島SA(サービスエリ ア)で通常の1000倍にあたる毎時55μSv(マイクロシーベルト)を最大に市街地各所で数十倍の上昇が見られた。(前編記事→

これは一体、何を意味するのか? 考えられるのは、原発内の核燃デブリ(ゴミ)が従来の注水冷却工程に対して異なった反応を示す状態に変化した可能性。例えば、デブリが格納容器下のコンクリートを突き抜けて地盤まで到達(メルトアウト)し、地下水と接触するなどだ




となると、100t超といわれる大量のデブリ塊はどこへ行ったのか? 半球状の格納容器底部の内側は厚さ約3mのコンクリートを敷いて平らになっているが、そのうち深さ70㎝ほどが事故の初期段階で高熱デブリによって溶解した可能性があると、東電はこれまで発表してきた。



格納容器内では10Sv(1000万μSv)のすさまじい高線量が計測されたが、それでも予想していた10分の1ほどだったと言ったのだ。その意味 するところは、デブリが金属格子の作業用足場から見えるような位置ではなく、ずっと深くまで沈んでいるということではないのか。








全文は“フクイチ”で新たな恐怖! 海外の研究者や政府関係者が不安視、苛立つ最悪の「地底臨界」危機進行中?

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原発と憲法考えよう 我孫子で3日集い via 東京新聞





 浜田さんは「憲法について考えるため、問題提起をしていきたい」と話した。参加費は五百円で要申し込み。問い合わせは、実行委=電04(7183)2789=へ。 (三輪喜人)

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「事故さえなかったら…」 原発避難訴訟の原告ら via 東京新聞

東京電力福島第一原発事故の影響で、福島県から群馬県内などに避難している四十五世帯百三十七人が、国や東電 に慰謝料など計約十五億円の損害賠償を求めている訴訟の本人尋問が一日、前橋地裁で初めて開かれた。




 震災から二カ月後、夫が勤める運送会社の支店があった群馬県内への異動が決まり、家族寮のあった栃木県佐野市に転居した。仕事場の二階にあった寮 は、昼夜問わず人や車の出入りがあり、夫は不眠に悩まされた。実家の家族と離れ離れになったこともあり、ある日、妻に「頼れる人がおまえしかいなくなっ た」と泣きじゃくった。温厚で優しかった夫が見せる初めての姿だった。


 五十代の原告男性は、事故から半年後、中学生だった三女が「被ばくして自分や家族が死んでしまう夢を見た」と泣きながら訴えたため、福島県郡山市 から群馬への避難を決意したと証言。事故後も婚約者と地元に残った二十代の長女が、放射線による影響を恐れて妊娠中絶したことも明かし、「事故が起きてい なかったら普通の生活が送れていたのに」と訴えた。

 この日、米原子炉メーカー、ゼネラル・エレクトリック(GE)社に長年勤めた原子力コンサルタントの佐藤暁氏(57)が証人尋問に立ち、福島第一 原発の耐震設計の目安となる揺れ「基準地震動」の想定が、米国と比べて甘く「国際的な慣行から逸脱している」と指摘。「津波の脅威の解析で過小評価があっ た」などと指弾した。佐藤氏への被告側の反対尋問は後日開かれる。

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Did Tesla Just Kill Nuclear Power? via Forbes

It would be almost three hours until Tesla’s big announcement, but inside a Northwestern University classroom near Chicago Thursday night, the famed nuclear critic Arnie Gunderson had the inside scoop:

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk was about to announce an industrial-scale battery, Gunderson said, that would cost about 2¢ per kilowatt hour, putting the final nail in the coffin of nuclear power.

Thus Tesla’s big news broke first not amongst the throng of reporters gathered under swirling colored lights at the carmaker’s Hawthorne, Calif. headquarters, but in the middle of a debate on the future of nuclear power sponsored by students agitating for a “Fossil Free NU.” It was Gunderson vs. Jordi Roglans-Ribas, the director of the Nuclear Engineering Division of Argonne National Laboratory.


The cheap new battery powered Gunderson’s economic argument as he collegially set out to demolish the nuclear claim:

The UK government just signed an agreement guaranteeing a price of 16 cents per kilowatt hour for power generated by a reactor proposed for Hinkley Point, on the coast at Somerset, England. That fresh contract represents an example, Gunderson argued, of the market price of new nuclear power.

Solar power currently costs six to seven cents, he said, and wind currently costs four or five cents. Add the 2¢ for Tesla’s battery, and renewables with storage are still at half the price of new nuclear power.

They’re also approaching the price of existing nuclear power.

“Here in Illinois you know it’s true because Exelon is threatening to close five nuclear plants because they can’t compete with wind anymore.”

Gunderson is a former nuclear engineer and executive who lost his job in 1990 after reporting safety violations to his employer. He testifies and campaigns against nuclear power for Fairewinds Energy Education, a non-profit founded by his wife, Maggie Gunderson, also a former nuclear industry employee.

Read more at Did Tesla Just Kill Nuclear Power? 

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Japan Earthquake Expert Says Nuclear Watchdog Ignoring Risk via Bloomberg

Japan’s nuclear regulator ignored earthquake risk and its own rules in approving the safety of a nuclear power plant on the western island of Kyushu, said Kobe University professor and seismologist Katsuhiko Ishibashi.

Ishibashi, well-known in Japan for books and papers on earthquake threats that later became reality, said he has filed a formal complaint to the Nuclear Regulation Authority challenging the legality of its decision.

The regulator’s safety approval in September of Kyushu Electric Power Co.’s Sendai nuclear plant opens the way to restart two reactors at the station, possibly this year. They are the first of Japan’s operable reactors to pass the new standards introduced after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011. All reactors in the country have been shut for safety checks for at least 18 months.

 Ishibashi has seen his warnings of earthquake dangers come true in devastating fashion at least twice in a country that accounts for about 10 percent of the world’s quakes.

In a 1994 book “A Seismologist Warns” he said building codes were putting Japan’s cities at risk. The following year, the Kobe earthquake buckled bridges, highways, and brought down buildings, killing more than 6,000 people.

Then in 1997, he wrote a report in Japan’s Science Journal where he coined the term “nuclear earthquake disaster.” The paper was written about 14 years before the Fukushima catastrophe, yet reads like a post-mortem of what happened: A major quake knocks out external power to the plant’s reactors and unleashes a tsunami that overruns its defenses, leading to loss of cooling and meltdowns.


Amid pressure from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government to process applications for nuclear plant restarts to help the economy, the NRA is under pressure to give utilities a pass, Ishibashi said. That makes the watchdog less rigorous in examining the safety assessments of utilities’ reactors, he said.

“Professor Ishibashi has his own opinions,” but members of the NRA’s committee made their own judgment, NRA Chairman Shunichi Tanaka said at a media briefing in Tokyo on Tuesday, according to a video of the briefing posted on the regulator’s website.

A Kyushu Electric spokesman said the company doesn’t have a comment regarding Ishibashi’s statements.

Read more at Japan Earthquake Expert Says Nuclear Watchdog Ignoring Risk

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