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Children’s Thyroid Cancer Trial: Statement by Plaintiff #2 via 311supportnet

Microsoft Word – 20220526_【英訳】意見陳述要旨(原告2).docx Reiwa 4 (Wa) No. 1880 311 Children’s Thyroid Cancer Trial (Claim for Damages) Plaintiff 1~6 Defendant TEPCO Holdings Co., Ltd. Summary of Statement of Opinion May 19, 2022 Plaintiff 2 That day was my junior high … Continue reading

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Cancer patients seek damages from Fukushima nuclear plant via abc news

A Tokyo court has begun hearings in a lawsuit seeking nearly $5 million in damages for six people who were children in Fukushima at the time of its 2011 nuclear power plant disaster and later developed thyroid cancerByMari Yamaguchi Associated … Continue reading

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[Book review] Documenting the tragic aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster via Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

Natsuko Katayama kept fastidious notes on what she saw – and the people she spoke to – on the grounds of the Fukushima nuclear site. We have already forgotten about Fukushima. Hardly anyone remembers what happened there 11 years ago. … Continue reading

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Time is running out: Coalition is fighting urgent battle to stop latest radioactive mud dump by EdF via Beyond Nuclear International

By Linda Pentz Gunter An urgent campaign is underway in the UK to save the Severn Estuary from the prospect of more dredging and dumping of radioactive mud from the Hinkley C two-reactor construction site. The Severn Estuary is a marine protected … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power Doesn’t Belong in the Green New Deal via Truthout

By Linda Pentz Gunter Amid rising public outcry over government inaction toward the climate crisis, the nuclear power industry has attempted to advertise itself as “zero emissions,” “carbon-free” and even “renewable” in order to convince politicians and the public that … Continue reading

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Guest Article: Do Emissions from Nuclear Power Plants Cause Cancer? via Irvine Community News & Views

By Roger Johnson While we agonize over the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps it is also appropriate to consider another medical enigma which kills far more.  Cancer is the number one killer in California.  This year, cancer deaths are expected to exceed 60,000 … Continue reading

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Opening Up The Mountain West To Uranium Production For Nuclear Energy Is The ‘Third Rail’ Of American Politics via Forbes

Ken Silverstein A fallout of the coronavirus may be more uranium mining in the West and outside of the Grand Canyon. At least that is the proposed policy of the Trump administration, which is arguing that more domestic production is … Continue reading

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DAN ROBITZSKI The U.S. government’s plan for safely storing nuclear waste just hit a serious snag: Exposure to groundwater could corrode its new storage containers, spilling radioactive materials into the Earth. The plan, as it stands, was to trap nuclear waste in … Continue reading

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Listen: “Origin Stories” via Orion

by APRIL TIERNEY Over two years ago, my mother died from lung cancer at sixty-one years old. While she never smoked, she did grow up downwind from Rocky Flats, a major nuclear weapons complex which manufactured plutonium triggers from 1952-1989. Located fifteen … Continue reading

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Some Hanford radiation exposure records could harm workers and taxpayers, report says via Tri-City Herald

BY ANNETTE CARY Recordkeeping at Hanford could be improved to track worker radiation exposure, including to ensure fair compensation for workers who develop cancer, according to an inspection report of the Department of Energy Office of Inspector General. Issues in … Continue reading

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