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A Nuclear Power Plant Leaked Contaminated Water in Minnesota. Here’s What We Know via NPR

Minnesota officials are monitoring the cleanup of a 400,000 gallon leak of contaminated water from a nuclear power plant in the city of Monticello run by the energy giant Xcel Energy. Officials said there is no danger from the leak. … Continue reading

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As Europe Quits Russian Gas, Half of France’s Nuclear Plants Are Off-Line via the New York Times

By Liz Alderman An army of engineers has fanned out through nuclear power plants across France in recent months, inspecting reactors for signs of wear and tear. Hundreds of expert welders have been recruited to repair problems found in cooling circuits. … Continue reading

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[Book review] Documenting the tragic aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster via Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

Natsuko Katayama kept fastidious notes on what she saw – and the people she spoke to – on the grounds of the Fukushima nuclear site. We have already forgotten about Fukushima. Hardly anyone remembers what happened there 11 years ago. … Continue reading

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Playing with fire at Chornobyl via Beyond Nuclear International

By Linda Pentz Gunter After 36 years the nuclear site is again in danger For 36 years things had been quiet at Chornobyl. Not uneventful. Not safe. But no one was warning of “another Chornobyl” until Russian forces took over … Continue reading

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Hinkley Point C: Chinese nuclear plant fault may delay UK power plan via The Times

Key safety components in the UK’s first new nuclear power station for 30 years may need to be redesigned and the project could be delayed after defects were detected at a similar reactor in China. The £22 billion Hinkley Point C plant … Continue reading

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This next-generation nuclear power plant is pitched for Washington state. Can it ‘change the world’? via The Columbian

By Hal Bernton, The Seattle Times RICHLAND — Near the Columbia River, Clay Sell hopes to launch a new era of nuclear power with four small reactors, each stocked with billiard ball-sized “pebbles” packed full of uranium fuel. Chief executive officer … Continue reading

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Why molten salt reactors are problematic and Canada investing in them is a mistake via The Conversation

MV Ramana One of the beneficiaries of the run-up to a potential federal election has been the nuclear energy industry, specifically companies that are touting new nuclear reactor designs called small modular reactors. The largest two financial handouts have been to … Continue reading

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Nuclear New Orleans: Another Fukushima? Post-Ida Dangers at Waterford Nuclear – Arnie Gundersen, Maggie Gundersen, Nancy Foust – NH #532

Listen Here: Audio Player00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Podcast: Download This Week’s SPECIAL Interviews: Following the devastation to New Orleans by Hurricane Ida, mainstream media has failed to cover the situation at the Waterford nuclear facility only 25 miles … Continue reading

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China shuts Taishan nuclear reactor over ‘imminent’ safety threat via The Times

China has shut down a nuclear reactor for “maintenance” because of what it said was minor fuel damage, after an increase in radiation levels prompted warnings from its French designers of an “imminent radiological threat”. The authorities switched off the … Continue reading

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Utterly destroyed via Beyond Nuclear International

That’s the outlook for a spectacular stretch of coastline should new reactors be built there From Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group “The Essex coastline is remarkable for its length, at 350 miles the longest of any county in England, its … Continue reading

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