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Welcome to the Atomic Age website

The Atomic Age is an ongoing project that aims to cultivate critical and reflective intervention regarding nuclear power and weapons. This site was launched in preparation for the symposium, The Atomic Age: From Hiroshima to the Present, held at University of Chicago on May 21, 2011. Our goal? To promote reflection on nuclear weapons and nuclear energy together, given that their separation has been axiomatic and defining for the postwar world. As we approached the symposium, catastrophe struck the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant on March 11. That crisis convinced us of the urgency of acknowledging that nuclear power plants use the same deadly technology as nuclear weapons. The crisis in Fukushima continues. Monitoring this situation, we update this site with reports on nuclear energy and its twin, the nuclear arsenal. We emphasize Japan and the U.S. but aspire for a global perspective, extending to social, political, cultural, technological, and medical domains.

We provide daily news updates on the issues of nuclear energy and weapons, primarily though not exclusively in English and Japanese via RSS, Twitter, and Facebook. If you would like to receive updates in English only, subscribe to this RSS.

The Atomic Age Project currently consists of the following:

Sarah Arehart (CEAS, University of Chicago)
Norma Field (EALC, University of Chicago)
Michael Fisch (Anthropology, University of Chicago)
So Hye Kim (EALC, University of Chicago)
Aiko Kojima Hibino (Liberal Arts, School of the Art Institute of Chicago)
Hoyt Long (EALC, University of Chicago)
Chico Masak (Independent Scholar)
Yuki Miyamoto (Religious Studies, DePaul University)
John Person (EALC, University of Chicago)
Tomomi Yamaguchi (Sociology & Anthropology, Montana State University)



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