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Sinop Nuclear Plant: Turkey seeks an EIA without a company for a reference reactor via

Pinar Demircan

The final EIA process has been initiated for Turkey’s proposed second nuclear power plant project. However, the EIA which was started to evaluate the impact of the nuclear power plant to its surroundings neither has a valid agreement nor a company to be commissioned for the construction of reactors!

Normally The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) aims to determine the impacts of projects on the environment . Starting from the planning stage, all processes including construction, operation and termination of the activity are covered. However, the EIA reports, which have theoretically undergone systematic changes for the last five years and have in practice been under the control of political decision mechanisms, being prepared as formalities in Turkey. The statements containing subjective comments and generalizations in the reports are the most important indication that there is not even a concern that the applicant may not be approved. As a matter of fact, the objections of the civil society are not taken into consideration in the processes despite the right to public participation and following-up. Furthermore, the final EIA reports of up to three thousand pages are approved by the political authorities within 10 days.

The processes described above have already been experienced in the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) at all levels and now the intention is to do the same for Sinop in a similar way. However, although Sinop Nuclear Power Plant project and its impact on its immediate surroundings has been opened for evaluation, there is yet neither a valid agreement nor a company commissioned for the construction of reactors! The Japanese Government, who was committed to realize the Sinop nuclear power plant project withdrew from the International Agreement (Intergovernmental Agreement) at the beginning of 2018 after submitting the EIA application file. Thus ending the Mitsubishi-Areva consortium commissioned in 2013 for the construction of reactors also ended. However, this development did not prevent the EIA preparation file from turning into a final EIA application. Moreover the participation of the public that has to be done according to the EIA regulations was held by preventing the participation of the opposing public in February of the same year as you can see in our previous article. Then in 2019 the non-governmental organizations from Sinop were prevented from attending to the Review and Evaluation Commission (IAC) which was held in Ankara for Sinop NPP.

We have repeatedly underlined that the end of the International Agreement with the Government of Japan did not mean the NPP project was abandoned in Sinop.  The company which performed the EIA application on 30 March 2020 was Assystem ENVY Energy and Environmental Investment on behalf of EUAS International ICC Sinop Nuclear Power Plant Jersey Islands Turkey Central Branch. In fact it was decided that EUAS ICC would never have more than %49 share per the intergovernmental agreement with Japan and when Mitsubishi was involved to the project. The most interesting part of the final EIA report is that the Flamanville 3 type reactor was declared as a “reference reactor” to evaluate the impact of the project on the environment while there is no technology investor company replacing Japanese Mitsubishi. In other words, when the EIA preparation file was submitted 2 years ago, it was prepared for the untested Atmea 1 type 4 reactor (4560 MW in total) which would be produced by Japanese Mitsubishi and French Areva consortium. But now it seems that the French nuclear industry Areva who has an aim to equip the world with its third generation pressurized water reactor (EPR-European Pressurized Reactor) seems to be interested in establishment of the Sinop Nuclear Power Plant project alone despite the fact that there is no intergovernmental agreement signed to perform in Turkey!


1 million trees cut down for a final repository

In Sinop, the first movement that paved the way for the environmental massacre for this project was the transfer of 10 square kilometers of land from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to the Ministry of Energy. In the area of ​​1415 stadiums, nearly 1 million trees were cut without showing any sign of remorse. However, in order to suppress the rising reaction of the public, the EIA report sought to prove that, as the statements of the political representatives said, the claims of the opponents of the NPP did not reflect the true characteristic of the “rejuvenation” they made in doing this. Because the most crucial point of the final EIA application made for Sinop NPP to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization is related to nuclear waste issues, in the report it is explicitly mentioned that the 10 square kilometer area transferred to the Ministry of Energy for the purpose of establishing a nuclear facility would be used as a temporary waste storage area for 60 years lifetime of the power plant and the final disposal facility would be established by Turkey under the responsibility of Turkish Atomic Energy Institution(TAEK)* to have the waste ultimately disposed of at this disposal facility. Such an explanation indicates that the government of Turkey also easily attempts to build a “final repository” which will be at least three times more costly and has never been successfully done in the world since 1942, when the first reactor was established. Today the first such facility is still under construction in Finland since 2004, namely The Onkalo Repository.


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なぜ福島の市町村議会は原発処理水海洋放出に反対しているのか 怒りに火をつけた国  via 毎日新聞





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173,000 Tons of Nuclear Waste Under Your Feet! (w/ Kevin Kamps) via Thom Hartman Program

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帰還困難区域の解除 「除染なしでも」と言えない理由 via 朝日新聞






規制委委員長「除染要件 科学的でない」

















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This Will Still Be True Tomorrow: “Fukushima Ain’t Got the Time for Olympic Games”: Two Texts on Nuclear Disaster and Pandemic via The Asia-Pacific Journal

Muto Ruiko
Introduced and translated by Norma Field

The fear of being forgotten that haunts the victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster set in quickly in the months following March 11, 2011. The Tokyo Olympics, touted as the “Recovery Olympics,” has served as a powerful vehicle for accelerating amnesia, on the one hand justifying the rushed reopening of restricted zones and other decisions of convenience, on the other, programming moments highlighting Fukushima in the Games. As preparations for the latter, especially the torch relay, reached fever pitch, the novel coronavirus intervened to force an abrupt postponement. It also disrupted ongoing and special events planned for the ninth 3.11 anniversary. The essay below elaborates on that context as an introduction to two texts by Muto Ruiko, head of the citizens’ group whose efforts led to the only criminal trial to emerge from the Fukushima disaster. The first, a speech anticipating the torch relay, outlines what the Olympics asks us to forget about Fukushima; the second is a reflection on living under two emergency declarations, the first nuclear, the second, COVID-19.
Key words: Olympics; Fukushima; torch relay; COVID-19; coronavirus; Dentsu; activism; Muto Ruiko

Read more at This Will Still Be True Tomorrow: “Fukushima Ain’t Got the Time for Olympic Games”: Two Texts on Nuclear Disaster and Pandemic

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Sailors Run Out Of Options At 9th Circ. In Fukushima Suit via Law360

By Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Law360 (July 1, 2020, 9:23 PM EDT) — U.S. sailors said Wednesday the Supreme Court is the next stop for their $1 billion lawsuit against General Electric Co. and Tokyo Electric Power Co. over alleged radiation injuries suffered during their response to the Japanese nuclear disaster, after striking out in the Ninth Circuit.

The Ninth Circuit on Wednesday rejected the sailors’ bid for panel or en banc review of a May decision ending their case. But Charles A. Bonner of the Law Office of Bonner & Bonner, who represents the sailors, said the sailors will appeal to the nation’s high court.

“The Ninth Circuit, along with Tokyo Electric Power Co., along with the government of Japan, along with General Electric, have abandoned United States sailors and Marines and all of the 70,000 American first responders who went to Japan … to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Japan,” Bonner said Wednesday. “We will never abandon these sailors, and we will fight to the bitter end to get justice for them, which includes the right for them to present their claims in a federal court in the United States.”


As for the claims against TEPCO, the panel rejected the sailors’ argument that Judge Sammartino got it wrong on the international comity doctrine, which allows a court to dismiss a case when another country has a strong interest in handling the claims and can adequately do so. The panel said if the suit proceeded in California, the district court would have to study each development under the framework of Japanese law.

TEPCO spokesperson Ryounosuke Takanori on Wednesday praised the Ninth Circuit’s decision.

“TEPCO appreciates the court’s careful analysis and is pleased that the court recognized that Japan is the appropriate forum for these claims,” Takanori said.

GE declined to comment Wednesday.

Read more at Sailors Run Out Of Options At 9th Circ. In Fukushima Suit

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原発排水で日本海に熱帯魚が定着 高浜原発周辺、稼働停止でいなくなる via 福井新聞






全文は原発排水で日本海に熱帯魚が定着 高浜原発周辺、稼働停止でいなくなる

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「五輪で福島を忘れさせようと…原子力緊急事態は今も」 小出裕章さんに聞くvia 東京新聞




 人間に放射能を無毒化する力はないと認めねばならない。自然にもその力はない。自然に浄化作用がないものを環境に捨てるのは間違っている。 ―政府や東電はなぜ、海洋放出にこだわると思うか。 1~3号機の溶けた炉心から出たトリチウムは200トン。事故がなければ、青森県六ケ所村の使用済み核燃料再処理工場から海に捨てるはずだったものだ。核燃料サイクル計画では、もともと毎年800トンのトリチウムを六ケ所村で流す予定だった。福島の200トンで大騒ぎしていたら、日本の原子力の総体が動かなくなる。彼らにとっては海洋放出以外の選択肢は絶対にないのだろう。


 ―東京五輪が来年に延期になった。これまで、福島の事故が収束しない中での開催を批判してきた。 2011年3月11日に発令された「原子力緊急事態宣言」は今も解除されていない。強制避難させられた地域の外側にも、本来なら放射線管理区域にしなければいけない汚染地帯が残る。 不都合なことを忘れさせようとする時、昔から取られてきた手段は、お祭り騒ぎに人々を引きずり込むことだ。原子力ムラにとって、それが東京五輪なのだろう。福島を忘れさせるための五輪の利用には徹底的に抵抗していく。


 ―日本原子力発電東海第二原発(茨城県東海村)は原則40年の運転期間の延長が認められ、再稼働に向けた動きが進む。 古い原発で相対的に危険が多いのは争えない事実だ。ポンプや配管などの部品は不具合があれば取り換えられるが、原子炉圧力容器だけは交換できない。その寿命は40年くらいだろうということで始めているのだから、40年でやめるのが賢明な選択だ。


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「帰還困難区域」解除要件を検討開始〜除染なし視野 via Our Planet-TV



今回、内閣府が「依頼」という形で、原子力規制委員会にお伺いを立てた背景には、「未除染」でも避難指示解除できるよう、専門家から「お墨付き」を得る必要があったためと見られる。 原子力規制委員会の伴信彦委員は、「(除染は)手段に過ぎないんだけど、それが半ば目的化してしまっている状況を非常に憂いる」と提案を歓迎。また更田豊志委員長も、「(除染という)特定の手段が取られたことを解除の要件とするのは科学的議論とはいえない」と、 除染なしで避難指示を解除しても問題ないとの考えを示した。





特定復興再生拠点区域における放射線防護対策について 2018年12月12日








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Fukushima – 9 Years Later: Deep Wisdom of the Heart via Fairewinds Energy Education

A Personal Essay by Chiho Kaneko, Member, Board of Directors Fairewinds Energy Education

I have never experienced so many people wearing protective masks on the Shinkansen high-speed train, as I did at the end of January 2020, when I traveled from northern Japan to the airport in Tokyo. The news of the coronavirus outbreak was just starting to dominate the media.

How ironic, I thought to myself, that now I could wear a mask without feeling guilty, unlike all the times when I have traveled to Fukushima in the years since the meltdowns.

It’s been more than nine years since March 2011 and the devastating Tohoku [Great East] Earthquake, simultaneous tsunami, and subsequent meltdown of three nuclear power plants at the Fukushima Atomic Power site in Japan. 

Scrape the ground, push, mound, and level. 

Build, build, and build. Build new buildings, seawalls, and highways. 

Build temporary incinerators, dozens of them, and burn, burn, and burn. 

Burn the tsunami debris. 

Burn the bales of hay and shiitake logs contaminated with cesium. 

Burn organic waste created by the government “decontamination” initiatives.

Then, before you know it, dismantle those temporary incinerators! 

Now build new biomass power plants! 

Use the trees clear-cut on hillsides where nuclear fallout has settled!


Afterword, by Maggie Gundersen

Special thanks to Chiho Kaneko, a member of the Fairewinds Energy Board of Directors, for writing such a poignant and heartfelt essay. When I first read it, I cried.

At least twice each year, Fairewinds Energy Education Board Member Chiho Kaneko travels to Japan to visit with her mother, family members, and friends. Ms. Kaneko lives in Heartland, Vermont, where she is a talented artist, musician, and vocal soloist. We first met in 2011 during the aftermath of meltdowns at Fukushima Dai-ichi. Through all of Arnie’s and my work with Fairewinds in Japan, Ms. Kaneko’s insight and support have enabled us to reach so many more people around the world. Thank you, Chiho Kaneko, for lending heart and soul to Fairewinds educational and research ventures and to our efforts to reach out to others around the world since the Fukushima triple meltdowns brought us to another precipice.


Everyone we work with and share our lives with internally and externally has been deeply impacted by the past year with Pandemic 2020 and the devastating expansion of explosive atomic power, new nuclear weapons, and the tragic release of importantly stringent radiation regulations. For those reasons, we will continue to share our insights, emotional growth, and daily challenges of ‘Living in the Time of Pandemic 2020’. Therefore, the Fairewinds Crew, including our board members and some of our scientific colleagues and advisors, will continue to weave personal essays into our Demystifying Nuclear Power Blog.

Today, we shared this heartfelt personal blog post by Chiho Kaneko with you – our Fairewinds community. We are so thankful that you join us in our efforts to love our planet in the midst of a climate emergency, the devastating and ongoing spread of radioactivity in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the very air we breathe, on top of the second-worst health pandemic this world has ever faced (right after the Bubonic Plague in the 14th century).

Thank you for sharing this process with us. Fairewinds will keep you informed!

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