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US atomic bombs back in Britain? via Beyond Nuclear International

Move puts UK on front line in a NATO/Russia war By Kate Hudson News that US nuclear weapons may already be back in Britain, at RAF/USAF Lakenheath in East Anglia, makes Britain once again a forward nuclear base for the … Continue reading

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Why is the UK government backing nuclear power when onshore wind is so much better? via The Guardian

Using windfarms would be an easy, quick, cheap and actually popular way to solve the energy bill crisis After Friday’s huge jump in energy costs, millions of people across the UK face a frightening future. Urgent measures are needed but, instead … Continue reading

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Why is support for nuclear power noisiest just as its failures become most clear? via openDemocracy

Andrew Stirling Phil Johnstone […] During COP26, Nuclear Needs Net Zero laid on a pro-nuclear flash mob in central Glasgow, complete with young dancers wearing ‘we need to talk about nuclear’ T-shirts. Such is the ostensibly fresh, youthful face of today’s nuclear … Continue reading

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UK NIC backs alternatives to nuclear via Renew Extra Weekly

The UK Government asked the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) for its advice on whether an additional new nuclear plant, beyond the proposed Sizewell C project, was needed to deliver the UK’s sixth Carbon (reduction) Budget, due in 2035. In response, the NIC said no, … Continue reading

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Rolls-Royce plans to build small nuclear power plants in Britain via The New York Times

By Stanley Reed Rolls-Royce, the British jet engine maker, said on Tuesday that it was forming a business to build a series of smaller, cheaper nuclear reactors as Britain looks for ways to cut carbon emissions and to reduce the costs … Continue reading

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Nuclear test veterans: ‘My dad was treated like a guinea pig’ via BBC

By Chris Wood When David Purse was sent to Australia, he thought it would be a “wild adventure” in a little-explored place. However, the RAF flight lieutenant’s posting to a remote area called Maralinga was to test atomic weapons.  Son … Continue reading

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Britain’s nuclear past: the fallout from the High Explosive Research programme via History Extra

British nuclear tests conducted in the 1950s exposed many thousands of servicemen to high levels of radiation. Gordon Murray explores the poisonous legacy of the euphemistically named High Explosive Research programme | By Gordon Murray “We were ordered to kill … Continue reading

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The Story Of The Jet That Would Have Delivered South Africa’s Nuclear Bomb via The Drive

The British-made Buccaneer strike aircraft was adapted to carry apartheid-era South Africa’s guided nuclear bomb. BY THOMAS NEWDICK South Africa, an international pariah for much of the Cold War due to its apartheid policy, remains the only country to have developed … Continue reading

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UK Bishops hail Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty as historic milestone via Vatican News

By Vatican News staff reporter On Friday, 22 January 2021, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) comes into force. Road to ratification This Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty is the first legally binding international agreement to comprehensively prohibit nuclear weapons. … Continue reading

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US Nuclear Site Cleanup Underfunded By Up To $70 Billion via CleanTechnica

by Michael Barnard  Headlines out of the UK are pointing out the horrible state of affairs for nuclear generation decommissioning after a committee of Members of Parliament that the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority really doesn’t have a handle on the 17 sites, … Continue reading

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