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Why is support for nuclear power noisiest just as its failures become most clear? via openDemocracy

Andrew Stirling Phil Johnstone […] During COP26, Nuclear Needs Net Zero laid on a pro-nuclear flash mob in central Glasgow, complete with young dancers wearing ‘we need to talk about nuclear’ T-shirts. Such is the ostensibly fresh, youthful face of today’s nuclear … Continue reading

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Cover-up of U.S. Nuclear Sub Collision in South China Sea via Portside (Asia Times)

John Walsh […] Fast-forward to October 2, 2021, about one year later, and the first patch of grass has been stomped on by the US elephant, trudging stealthily about, far from home in the South China Sea. On that day a … Continue reading

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The Push for Nukes in Space via Counterpunch

BY KARL GROSSMANFacebookTwitterRedditEmail The co-chairs of the Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics of the U.S. House of Representatives Science, Space & Technology Committee were cheerleaders for the use of nuclear power in space at a hearing at which they presided over … Continue reading

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Things fall apart via The Ecologist

Paul Dorfman The UK nuclear military complex is on the front-line of climate breakdown – and not in a good way. […] Because all UK nuclear military installations began operation well before global heating was considered in design or construction, near-term climate change … Continue reading

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Scotland’s nuclear military bases at ‘very great’ risk of flooding due to climate change, report finds via The Scotsman

By Ilona Amos Findings suggest the Royal Navy’s Faslane base on the Clyde may have to be closed down due to the high risk of inundation in coming years and the dangers that could present. The Trident missile store at Coulport, … Continue reading

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Former U.S. envoy critical of Japan’s nuclear crisis response via The Los Angeles Times

Kevin Maher, a former State Department official, says the U.S. worried about Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s lack of leadership after the earthquake and tsunami led to a nuclear crisis. Reporting from Seoul— Relations between the United States and Japan, already strained … Continue reading

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