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Roger Stahl discusses Theaters of War: How the Pentagon and CIA Took Hollywood with WSWS via World Socialist Website 

[…] RP: Could you speak about the movie Godzilla and how the original version, which was conceived of as a warning about the dangers of nuclear war, and what the latest version of this film has now been transformed into? RS: It … Continue reading

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Why Is There More Talk about Using Nuclear Weapons Than about Banning Them? via FAIR

Karl Grossman It’s of critical importance—indeed, existential importance—to the world: the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. And a coalition of peace organizations in the United States is charging that media are acting like the treaty “does not exist.” The … Continue reading

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Nuclear baloney via Beyond Nuclear International

AP story on states’ nuclear choice fails to point out key realities by Linda Pentz Gunter […] The mantra about solving the nuclear waste problem has been repeated since the dawn of the Nuclear Age, coming up on 80 years … Continue reading

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Why is support for nuclear power noisiest just as its failures become most clear? via openDemocracy

Andrew Stirling Phil Johnstone […] During COP26, Nuclear Needs Net Zero laid on a pro-nuclear flash mob in central Glasgow, complete with young dancers wearing ‘we need to talk about nuclear’ T-shirts. Such is the ostensibly fresh, youthful face of today’s nuclear … Continue reading

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Radiation levels in Fukushima zones higher in 2017 than 2016, and still above government target despite cleanup: Greenpeace Japan via Nuclear-News

Look how the Japanese media are routinely censoring the news about the Fukushima situation. In the first article  about the Greenpeace recent report, a short article published in Australia, are clearly stated: 1. Fukushima still has radiation 100 times higher … Continue reading

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Japan spends scant energy on renewables via The Japan Times

Dec. 11, 2017, marked the 20th anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol, a treaty signed by 84 countries who committed to limit the release of greenhouse gases, which are considered the cause of global warming. Japan, of course, was one of … Continue reading

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Public questions Japan’s duck and cover drills via The Japan Times

By Philip Brasor  On July 7, during a public assembly in Takahama, Fukui Prefecture, Shunichi Tanaka, head of Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority, was asked how his organization would respond to a North Korean missile attack. Tanaka replied that it would make … Continue reading

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New York Times Shills For Moribund Nuclear Power, Disses Renewables Revolution via Climate Progress

By Joe Romm Why does The New York Times keep pushing nuclear power, whose prices keep rising even as demand has collapsed in every market economy? And why do they keep dissing renewables, whose prices have dropped precipitously while demand … Continue reading

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Margaret Thatcher aides used Prince William in media war via BBC News

Margaret Thatcher’s senior aides used photos of a baby Prince William to try to distract attention from a 1983 anti-nuclear march, official papers reveal. Ministers feared protests might be so “widespread and powerful” that they could stop US cruise missiles … Continue reading

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Kyushu Earthquake: Lessons Not Learned From Fukushima: Report By Hiroko Aihara Fukushima Journalist via laborvideo

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