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Koide Hiroaki: The Shooting of Mr. Abe via Pearls and Irritations & Atomicage

The young Koide Hiroaki chose the field of nuclear engineering because he wanted to contribute to the future of energy-poor Japan. Once he grasped that nuclear power was a technology so risky that it required disposable places and people in … Continue reading

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Public questions Japan’s duck and cover drills via The Japan Times

By Philip Brasor  On July 7, during a public assembly in Takahama, Fukui Prefecture, Shunichi Tanaka, head of Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority, was asked how his organization would respond to a North Korean missile attack. Tanaka replied that it would make … Continue reading

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Japan’s nuclear revival won’t lower carbon emissions enough via Nature

The Sendai Nuclear Power Plant on the island of Kyushu broke a four-year lull on 11 August when it switched one of its reactors back on. The restart is the first since Japan’s nuclear-power industry ground to a halt two … Continue reading

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