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By Dan Murphy Efforts to keep Holtec, the Corporation that is charged with decommissioning Indian Point Power Plant, from dumping one million gallons of nuclear waste in the Hudson River, continue, with a bill to prohibit radiological discharges into the … Continue reading

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[Book review] Documenting the tragic aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster via Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

Natsuko Katayama kept fastidious notes on what she saw – and the people she spoke to – on the grounds of the Fukushima nuclear site. We have already forgotten about Fukushima. Hardly anyone remembers what happened there 11 years ago. … Continue reading

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Playing with fire at Chornobyl via Beyond Nuclear International

By Linda Pentz Gunter After 36 years the nuclear site is again in danger For 36 years things had been quiet at Chornobyl. Not uneventful. Not safe. But no one was warning of “another Chornobyl” until Russian forces took over … Continue reading

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Cold War, Hot Mess via Virginia Quarterly Review

Lois Parshley After decades of mismanaging its nuclear waste, the US Department of Energy wrestles with its toxic legacy. […] Garza’s experience is common among Hanford workers; in July 2021, a new state report found that a shocking 57 percent … Continue reading

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First Cases of Throat Cancer Linked to Fukushima Nuclear Plant via Vice

By Hanako Montgomery Two men developed throat cancer after being employed at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, and one of them reportedly died from the illness—the first known cases of the condition linked to working at the site. The unnamed men, … Continue reading

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Lethal radiation levels detected in Fukushima nuke plant reactor lid via Asahi Shimbun

The operator of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant could be forced to reconsider the plant’s decommissioning process after lethal radiation levels equivalent to those of melted nuclear fuel were detected near one of the lids covering a reactor. … Continue reading

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COVID-19 spreading among workers on Fukushima plant, related projects via The Mainichi

[…] While plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. (TEPCO) and the ministry said the infections have not significantly affected work progress up to now, they are growing increasingly cautious about the recent surge. Some 4,000 people per day … Continue reading

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Cancer compensation claim by ex-Fukushima plant worker rejected via Kyodo News

[…] In the lawsuit filed with the Sapporo District Court, the 63-year-old man sought a total of around 64 million yen ($584,000) in damages from plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc., major general constructor Taisei Corp. and its … Continue reading

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Cancer plagues West Valley nuke workers via Investigative Post

Federal program has paid former employees $20.3 million in compensation. Other claims are pending and still more workers are unaware of the program.By Phil Gambini David Pyles says he lives on painkillers and moves with the help of a cane and … Continue reading

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The abnormal operational occurrence at Olkiluoto nuclear power plant – the unit is stable via STUK.fi

10 Dec 2020 17:48 Press release A severe abnormal disturbance occurred at the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant Unit 2 today at 12.22 that led to reactor shut down. The disturbance was possibly caused by a fault in the purification system for … Continue reading

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