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Rokkasho redux: Japan’s never-ending reprocessing saga via Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Tatsujiro Suzuki | December 26, 2023 According to a recent Reuters report, Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd (JNFL) still hopes to finish construction of Japan’s long-delayed Rokkasho reprocessing plant in the first half of the 2024 fiscal year (i.e. during April-September 2024). The … Continue reading

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Nuclear plant cooling system stops working for 8 hours via NHK World-Japan

[…] Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited reported the problem at a plant compound in Rokkasho Village on Sunday. It says the glitch poses no threat to the environment. The operator says one of the tanks storing radioactive waste lost its cooling … Continue reading

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The poisoned environmental legacy of the ‘Nuclear Park’ via Culturico

By Linda Pentz Gunter […] France is heavily reliant on nuclear energy. Its 56 commercial reactors dot almost every corner of the country, providing 70% of all electricity consumed. France also possesses a nuclear weapons arsenal, fueled by the nuclear … Continue reading

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UK Stops Nuclear Reprocessing, but Sellafield Plant to Remain Open for Decades via The Energy Mix

Primary Author: Paul Brown @pbrown4348 Seventy years after the United Kingdom first began extracting plutonium from spent uranium fuel to make nuclear weapons, the industry is finally calling a halt to reprocessing, leaving the country with 120 tons of the metal, … Continue reading

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Sellafield Windscale Pile chimney diffuser dismantled via BBC News

One of the most identifiable structures of the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant has been dismantled. The huge diffuser on top of the 125m (410ft) Windscale Pile chimney has been visible in west Cumbria for 70 years. It had to be … Continue reading

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Bill Gates’ Fast Nuclear Reactor: Will It Bomb? via The National Interest

The principal reason for preferring fast reactors, historically the only reason, is to gain the ability to breed plutonium. Thus, the reactor would make and reuse massive quantities of material that could also be used as nuclear explosives in warheads. by Victor Gilinsky Henry Sokolski … Continue reading

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Japan’s plutonium stockpile climbs to 46.1 tons in 2020, first rise in 3 years via The Mainichi

[…] Plutonium is extracted from spent nuclear fuel generated at nuclear plants, for the purpose of recycling. However, the international community has expressed concerns over Japan’s large plutonium stockpile, saying it could be converted into nuclear weapons. According to the … Continue reading

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Plutonium policy update and plutonium remobilisation in the Irish Sea via nuClearNews

Plutonium Policy UpdateIntroductionThe Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) now expects the Magnox Reprocessing Plant at Sellafield to close this year (2021) – one year later than previously planned. The newer Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant (THORP) was shut in November 2018. Reprocessing, … Continue reading

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Cancer plagues West Valley nuke workers via Investigative Post

Federal program has paid former employees $20.3 million in compensation. Other claims are pending and still more workers are unaware of the program.By Phil Gambini David Pyles says he lives on painkillers and moves with the help of a cane and … Continue reading

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Japan to resume accepting nuclear waste from UK via NHK World

The operator of a storage facility in northern Japan is making arrangements with power companies to resume accepting shipments of highly radioactive nuclear waste from spent fuel reprocessed in Britain. NHK has learned that Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited has started … Continue reading

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