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Bill Gates’ Fast Nuclear Reactor: Will It Bomb? via The National Interest

The principal reason for preferring fast reactors, historically the only reason, is to gain the ability to breed plutonium. Thus, the reactor would make and reuse massive quantities of material that could also be used as nuclear explosives in warheads. by Victor Gilinsky Henry Sokolski … Continue reading

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A nuclear plant in a volcano zone? What could possibly go wrong, Mr Gates? via The Conservative Woman

By Kate Dunlop NOT content with being the biggest private landowner in the US, blotting out the sun and jabbing the world, Bill Gates is getting over his divorce by building a ‘next-generation’ nuclear power plant in Wyoming.   The Republican state’s governor Mark Gordon … Continue reading

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Bill Gates’ bad bet on plutonium-fueled reactors via Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Frank von Hippel One of Bill Gates’ causes is to replace power plants fueled by coal and natural gas with climate-friendly alternatives. That has led the billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder to embrace nuclear power, and building nuclear power … Continue reading

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The nuclear industry is trying to hijack the Paris climate summit via Independent Australia

By Noel Wauchope […] At the Paris Climate Summit (COP21), the global nuclear lobby is in overdrive. The centrepiece of today’s global nuclear lobbying is the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, led by Bill Gates, made public at the start of the … Continue reading

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One Tech Billionaire Sees Nuclear As The Path To Clean Energy, But Is He Right? via Forbes

The United Nations climate summit begins today in Paris and already there are headlines. The world’s richest man, Bill Gates, and a slew of his fellow billionaires have announced the Breakthrough Energy Coalition: an effort to take private money to … Continue reading

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UK Billionaire Richard Branson Urges Obama to Help Develop Fast Reactors via Nuclear Industry News

Along with the president of the American Nuclear Society, Virgin Records founder and serial entrepreneur Richard Branson is urging the Obama administration to fund research into integral fast reactors. … Branson is not the only billionaire promoting fast neutron reactors … Continue reading

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Gates teams up with China to build nuclear reactor via South China Morning Post

Raymond Li Dec 5, 2011 Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates (pictured) is holding talks with the state-owned China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) to jointly develop a new type of nuclear reactor. “A company he [Bill Gates] founded is working with us … Continue reading

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