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A nuclear plant in a volcano zone? What could possibly go wrong, Mr Gates? via The Conservative Woman

By Kate Dunlop NOT content with being the biggest private landowner in the US, blotting out the sun and jabbing the world, Bill Gates is getting over his divorce by building a ‘next-generation’ nuclear power plant in Wyoming.   The Republican state’s governor Mark Gordon … Continue reading

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LT. GEN. (RET.) DAN CHRISTMAN From 2001 until 2010, over half of the American casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, more than 18,000 men and women, were from convoy operations — missions typically focused on bringing fuel and water to sustain the force … Continue reading

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Nuclear Reactors to Produce Oil via New Energy and Fuel

Al Fin found news in Japan at The Daily Yomiuri that an as yet unnamed Canadian oil sands production firm is working with the huge firm Toshiba’s nuclear reactor section to build, get approvals for and install reactors to produce … Continue reading

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American teenager designs compact nuclear reactor via The Raw Story

Eighteen-year-old Taylor Wilson has designed a compact nuclear reactor that could one day burn waste from old atomic weapons to power anything from homes and factories to space colonies. The American teen, who gained fame four years ago after designing … Continue reading

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Protest events scheduled in other U.S. cities, Japan P.M. Noda gives re-start OK to earthquake-threatened reactors CHICAGO—There is an old saying in Japan that “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.” On Friday, safe-energy advocates in Chicago and around … Continue reading

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Japan to allow 60-year reactor lifespan despite Fukushima via Chicago Tribune

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan will allow nuclear reactors to operate for up to 60 years in revised regulations on power plant operators, the government said on Wednesday, even as it looks to shift gradually away from atomic power in the … Continue reading

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Nuclear renaissance? US OKs new reactor design via MSNBC

Opening the door to a new generation of nuclear reactors, federal regulators on Thursday approved a design that a nuclear watchdog group acknowledged is an improvement but still not ideal. The AP1000 reactor, designed by Westinghouse Electric Co., is safer … Continue reading

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Could New Nuclear Reactor Have Prevented Fukushima? via ABC News

The first new nuclear reactor to be built in the U.S. in three decades is one step away from breaking ground. Federal regulators approved the design for the AP1000 reactor, which Westinghouse Electric Co. developed over 20 years. The Nuclear … Continue reading

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U.S. is Only 3 Years Behind China in Nuclear Reactors Courtesy of New Approval via Daily Tech

Construction on new designs should begin within weeks; ultra-safe Gen. III+ reactors could be live by 2016 When it comes to alternative energy, wind and solar power are nice ideas and certainly worthy of research, but they remain much more … Continue reading

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Canada’s earliest nuclear projects will haunt landscape for centuries via The Gazette

CHALK RIVER, Ont. — At 3:07 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 12, 1952, the National Research Experimental nuclear reactor, then the most powerful research reactor on Earth, raced out of control, rapidly overheated and then exploded, destroying the reactor core and … Continue reading

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