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The Crisis of Nuclear Dumping in the Blue Pacific via Reverse The Trend

On 26 August 2021, Reverse The Trend hosted an online conference to raise awareness about Japan’s decision to release 1.25 million tonnes of nuclear contaminated wastewater into the Pacific Ocean. The co-sponsors were the University of the South Pacific Students’ … Continue reading

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Former prime minister Jean Chrétien part of secretive project to store nuclear waste in Labrador, emails show via CBC News

Marie-Maude Denis, Jacques Taschereau, Daniel Tremblay  · CBC News · As borders closed and lockdowns hit last spring, a group of entrepreneurs and lawyers had something else on their minds: setting up a facility in Labrador for international nuclear waste.  Plans they had for a … Continue reading

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Agency raises red flag over toxic imports via Mediamax

Kenyans have been warned that vehicles and food items entering the country from Japan and Ukraine may have been exposed to radiation, which experts say could be behind the increased cases of cancer. A parliamentary committee heard that most of … Continue reading

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Former fishermen sue state for hiding Bikini atoll H-bomb fallout records via The Japan Times

KOCHI – A group of former fishermen Monday filed an unprecedented lawsuit seeking compensation from the government for failing to disclose, for decades, records of their exposure to radiation from U.S. hydrogen bomb tests in the Pacific Ocean in 1954. … Continue reading

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Japan and South Korea May Soon Go Nuclear via The Wall Street Journal

The longtime status quo is crumbling and plutonium stockpiles are rising. On Friday North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un praised his country’s recent hydrogen bomb test and satellite launch as “unprecedented” achievements that will “bring the final victory of the … Continue reading

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Aussie desire for nuclear option may have sunk Japanese sub bid via The Japan Times

Canberra chose a French design for its next-generation submarine fleet partly because it can easily be refitted for nuclear propulsion by the time the vessels enter service, an influential Australian business daily has reported. Japan proposed a diesel-powered design based … Continue reading

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Japan’s CO2 emissions fall to three-year low in 2014/15 fiscal year via Yahoo News

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan’s greenhouse gas emissions fell 3.1 percent to a three-year low in the fiscal year ended March 2015, due to reduced power demand and growing use of renewables, revised government figures showed on Friday. Emissions fell for … Continue reading

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Donald Trump open to Japan and South Korea having nuclear weapons via The Financial Times

[…] In an interview with the New York Times, Mr Trump said that allowing Japan and South Korea to develop a nuclear arsenal would reduce pressure on the US to come to their defence every time North Korea acted belligerently. … Continue reading

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The Fukushima accident has not served as a wake-up call in Japan via Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

The Japanese government insists that nuclear safety has been enhanced after the Fukushima accident due to the enforcement of new regulatory standards, which Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has referred to as the world’s best, and the new nuclear safety regulatory … Continue reading

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China’s Plans to Recycle Nuclear Fuel Raise Concerns via The Wall Street Journal

BEIJING—China’s plans to process spent nuclear fuel into plutonium that could be used in weapons is drawing concern from the U.S. that Beijing is heightening the risk of nuclear proliferation. U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, in Beijing for talks, said … Continue reading

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