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China, Russia, and the Bomb via Beyond Nuclear International

Alliance ruffled by dispute over nuclear weapons By Lawrence S. Wittner Even international alliances can unravel when nations confront the insanity of a nuclear holocaust. An illustration of this point occurred last September when Vladimir Putin once again threatened Ukraine and other … Continue reading

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Hinkley Point C: Chinese nuclear plant fault may delay UK power plan via The Times

Key safety components in the UK’s first new nuclear power station for 30 years may need to be redesigned and the project could be delayed after defects were detected at a similar reactor in China. The £22 billion Hinkley Point C plant … Continue reading

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Cover-up of U.S. Nuclear Sub Collision in South China Sea via Portside (Asia Times)

John Walsh […] Fast-forward to October 2, 2021, about one year later, and the first patch of grass has been stomped on by the US elephant, trudging stealthily about, far from home in the South China Sea. On that day a … Continue reading

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China shuts Taishan nuclear reactor over ‘imminent’ safety threat via The Times

China has shut down a nuclear reactor for “maintenance” because of what it said was minor fuel damage, after an increase in radiation levels prompted warnings from its French designers of an “imminent radiological threat”. The authorities switched off the … Continue reading

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The Taishan death blow via Beyond Nuclear International

By Stéphane Lhomme, Nuclear Observatory If the opacity maintained by the Chinese regime prevents us, for the time being, from knowing the exact consequences of the radioactive leak involving the EPR no.1 reactor at Taishan, revealed on June 14 by … Continue reading

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Nuclear reactor problem a new headache for designer and China via Daily Mail

By AFP The emergence of problems in a new-generation nuclear reactor in China threatens to undermine efforts by its French designer to sell it elsewhere, and could hurt Beijing’s nuclear industry, analysts said. French energy giant EDF and the Chinese government … Continue reading

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China nuclear reactor: French partner calls meeting over leak via Al Jazeera

A Chinese nuclear power plant is raising concerns on Monday after the facility’s minority French owner said it had been informed of a leak in one of the power station’s reactors and has called a meeting with its Chinese partner … Continue reading

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404: The City Left Behind by China’s Nuclear Ambitions via WIRED

An artist goes looking for his past in a Cold War ghost town. Li Yang grew up in what he thought was a boring town. It was called 404, like the error code, and sat a couple hours from the … Continue reading

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Bill Gates’ nuclear venture hits snag amid U.S. restrictions on China deals: WSJ via Reuters

NEW YORK (Reuters) – TerraPower LLC, a nuclear energy venture chaired by Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates, is seeking a new partner for early-stage trials of its technology after new U.S. rules forced it to abandon an agreement with China, … Continue reading

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Two nuclear power plants are in the track of deadly Super Typhoon Mangkhut, which is projected hit mainland China as early as Sunday via Sputnik International

Emergency response teams have been briefed on the storm as it approaches the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant and the Yangjiang Nuclear Power Station, both in Guangdong province, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported Saturday.  The Taishan plant is about 135 kilometers south of Hong … Continue reading

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