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Can radioactive waste at Trojan withstand a major quake? via KOIN 6

The Trojan Nuclear Plant was demolished in May, 2006.

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Fukushima governor accepts Tepco plan to scrap No. 2 nuclear plant and store spent fuel on site via Japan Times

[…] The decision means that all 10 nuclear reactors in the northeastern prefecture, including the six at the Fukushima No. 1 complex 12 kilometers from the No. 2 plant, will be scrapped, though the decommissioning work will take decades. Tepco’s … Continue reading

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Rowe seeks federal compensation for hosting nuclear waste at former atomic power plant via Mass Live

ROWE — Yankee Rowe Nuclear Power Station shut down in 1992, and was demolished and decommissioned by 2007, but the fenced and isolated site on the upper Deerfield River still hosts 127 tons of spent fuel and high-level radioactive waste … Continue reading

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China’s Plans to Recycle Nuclear Fuel Raise Concerns via The Wall Street Journal

BEIJING—China’s plans to process spent nuclear fuel into plutonium that could be used in weapons is drawing concern from the U.S. that Beijing is heightening the risk of nuclear proliferation. U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, in Beijing for talks, said … Continue reading

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Suburbs Lake County News-Sun Lake County News Spent fuel rods stored in Zion raise safety, economic concerns via The Chicago Tribune

While a nuclear energy watchdog group believes the dry storage of roughly 1,500 tons of spent fuel rods at the shuttered Zion Nuclear Power Plant is unsafe, Zion officials are also expressing concern about the economic loss the city will … Continue reading

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Disposal beats MOX in US comparison via World Nuclear News

America is reconsidering how it will dispose of 34 tonnes of plutonium as the previous plan involving a MOX plant has been said to be twice as costly as a dilution and disposal option in a leaked Department of Energy … Continue reading

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Leahy: New effort for nuclear waste site offers no quick solution via VT Digger

BRATTLEBORO — Vermont’s senior U.S. senator says the long-term storage of radioactive waste in Vernon and at other former nuclear plant sites nationwide is unacceptable. Democrat Patrick Leahy, in a new letter to the Vermont Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel, … Continue reading

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ANALYSIS: Abe bereft of reasons to continue nuclear recycling program via The Asahi Shimbun

The main components of the government’s nuclear fuel recycling project have all been sidelined. But the program was already in a state of collapse even before the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster led to a shift in Japan’s energy policy. … Continue reading

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【petition】Nuclear Reactor Pool Fire/Huge Risks in U.S. – 4.1 Million Displaced, 10,000 Square Miles Uninhabitable If Disaster Happens, According to Unpublicized NRC Study

34 GROUPS: REACTOR LICENSING SHOULD BE SUSPENDED UNTIL NRC ADDRESSES NEW FINDINGS ON NUCLEAR REACTOR POOL FIRE RISKS, COSTS New NRC Study Shows Even a Small Reactor Pool Fire Could Displace 4.1 Million People; Make More than 9,000 Square Miles … Continue reading

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The D.C. Circuit Goes Nuclear via The Weekly Standard

[…]In a case titled In re Aiken County, the court took the extraordinary step of ordering the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to continue reviewing the Energy Department’s proposal for a federal nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. I say “extraordinary” … Continue reading

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