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Energy Department wants to build nuclear test “fast” reactor via San Francisco Chronicle

By KEITH RIDLER, Associated Press BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A new nuclear test reactor is needed as part of an effort to revamp the nation’s fading nuclear power industry by developing safer fuel and power plants, the U.S. Department of … Continue reading

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US Nuclear Weapons: First Low-Yield Warheads Roll Off the Production Line via Guardian UK

he US has begun making a new, low-yield nuclear warhead for its Trident missiles that arms control advocates warn could lower the threshold for a nuclear conflict. The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) announced in an email it had started manufacturing the weapon at … Continue reading

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Radioactive Water Leaks From Illinois Nuclear Plants via BGA

Problems persist a decade after discovery of chronic radioactive leaks at Exelon plants. By Brett Chase and Madison Hopkins, Better Government AssociationNovember 17, 2017  Radioactive waste continues to pour from Exelon’s Illinois nuclear power plants more than a decade after discovery of chronic … Continue reading

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Federal Regulator Halts Move to Toughen Radiation Exposure Limits via Counter Punch

By John Laforge Work has been halted on two rulemaking projects that would have reduced the amount of radiation the government permits workers and the public to be exposed to without their consent. The improved limits would have been in … Continue reading

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U.S. lists 17 nuclear reactors with parts from forge under probe via Reuters

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on Tuesday unveiled a letter showing that 17 of the country’s nuclear reactors have parts from Areva SA’s Le Creusot forge in France, which is under investigation for allegedly falsifying documents on the quality … Continue reading

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Nuclear ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Is a Real Threat to New York, but the Feds Don’t Seem to Care via Alternet

By Cliff Weathers / AlterNet June 13, 2016 Photo Credit: credit: Leah Rae. A little more than a year ago, a transformer fire and oil spill reminded the world that Indian Point, an aging nuclear power plant, sits only about … Continue reading

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Union of Concerned Scientists Annual Review of U.S. Nuclear Plant, Near Misses via Kansas City InfoZine

In 2015, three of the ten near misses reported at U.S. nuclear power plants occurred at reactors owned by one company—Entergy. Washington DC – infoZine – There were only 10 “near miss” incidents at U.S. nuclear reactors last year, but … Continue reading

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Fukushima Should Have Served as Wake-Up Call for US Nuclear Regulatory Commission via EcoWatch (Reader Supported News)

[…] The NRC set up a task force to analyze what happened at Fukushima and assess how to make U.S. reactors safer. In July 2011, the task force offered a dozen recommendations to help safeguard U.S. nuclear plants in the … Continue reading

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U.S. NRC engineers urge fix for nuclear power stations via Reuters

By Timothy Gardner A group of engineers within the U.S. nuclear power regulator is concerned that a design flaw in nearly all U.S. nuclear plants could endanger emergency core cooling systems. The group has urged the regulator to order power … Continue reading

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Suburbs Lake County News-Sun Lake County News Spent fuel rods stored in Zion raise safety, economic concerns via The Chicago Tribune

While a nuclear energy watchdog group believes the dry storage of roughly 1,500 tons of spent fuel rods at the shuttered Zion Nuclear Power Plant is unsafe, Zion officials are also expressing concern about the economic loss the city will … Continue reading

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