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Trump ‘asked for options on strike on Iran nuclear site’ via BBC

President Donald Trump asked senior advisers last Thursday about potential options for attacking Iran’s main nuclear site, US media report. The advisers warned him that military action could spark a broader conflict, officials were cited as saying. […] It took … Continue reading

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#485 – BREAKING: Nuclear Football & Trump’s Covid + Meds – Garrett Graff + South African Award-Winning Climate Change Activist Makoma Lekalakala via Nuclear Hotseat

by Libbe HaLevy | Oct 7, 2020 | BREAKING: Nuclear Football = Nuclear Launch Codes – What does it mean to international security when the President of the United States, who has sole, unimpeded access  and right to launch nuclear weapons, has an illness that often creates hallucinations and is on medication … Continue reading

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Axios: Trump floated the idea of using nuclear bombs to stop hurricanes headed for US via CNN

By Devan Cole, CNN President Donald Trump has floated multiple times the idea of thwarting hurricanes headed for the US by bombing them, including by dropping nuclear bombs on hurricanes to disrupt their course, Axios reported Sunday, citing conversations with sources who … Continue reading

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The Trump Doctrine: Making Nuclear Weapons Usable Again via TomDispatch (Reader Supported News)

Speaking of the situation on the Korean peninsula, he predicted that there would be “the greatest slaughter.”  He later requested 34 nuclear weapons for possible use in connection with the Korean situation.  He would later claim that he had considered dropping “30 to 50 … Continue reading

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US Nuclear General Says Would Resist ‘Illegal’ Trump Strike Order via Reuters

he top U.S. nuclear commander said on Saturday that he would resist President Donald Trump if he ordered an “illegal” launch of nuclear weapons. Air Force General John Hyten, commander of the U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), told an audience at … Continue reading

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Pentagon: only ground invasion can destroy North Korean nuclear program via The Guardian

After a top Pentagon official said the only way to destroy North Korea’s nuclear weapons program would be through a ground invasion, a senior Senate Democrat urged the secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, to “stay the course” and achieve a … Continue reading

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トランプ氏初来日 「ゴルフより広島に」市民の声 via 毎日新聞

5日に初来日したトランプ米大統領は、核・ミサイル開発に突き進む北朝鮮への圧力を強め、軍事行動も否定しない。核の被害に今も苦しむ被爆者、多くの米軍基地を抱える沖縄の人、朝鮮半島にルーツを持つ在日コリアンたちは、さまざまな思いで来日を見つめ、東京都内では日本で暮らす米国人らがデモをして「戦争反対」などと訴えた。 被爆者  広島で被爆した岡田恵美子さん(80)=広島市東区=は「ゴルフをする時間があるなら、広島に来て、72年前にきのこ雲の下で何が起きたのか知ってほしかった」と残念がる。「(核戦力の増強を打ち出す)トランプさんの発言を聞いていると、核兵器の本当の恐ろしさを知らないと感じる」といい、「被爆者は放射線の被害に生涯苦しみ、子供や孫に影響するのではという不安も抱える。自分の身に置き換えて考えてほしい」と訴える。対北朝鮮政策については「対話を望む市民の声に耳を傾ける度量を持ってほしい」と話した。  長崎の被爆者で原水爆禁止日本国民会議議長の川野浩一さん(77)=長崎県長与町=は「核兵器廃絶への思いが全く感じられない。日本が戦争に巻き込まれることへの配慮もない」と指摘する。 沖縄  「トランプさんにはぜひ沖縄に来て、米軍基地の過重負担に悩む県民の思いに触れてほしい」。日米両政府が進める米軍普天間飛行場(沖縄県宜野湾市)の県内移設への抗議活動を続けている小橋川共行さん(75)=同県うるま市=は語る。トランプ氏は北朝鮮への軍事的圧力を強めており、「(有事になれば)基地が集中する沖縄が危機にさらされると危惧している。外交努力で解決する糸口を見つけてほしい」と話す。  小橋川さんは、2013年末からオバマ大統領(当時)に沖縄の実態を考えてもらおうと、はがきを約10万通出したが返事はなかった。トランプ氏にもこう呼び掛ける。「米国は民主主義の国。県民の声を聴き、基地を増やさないでほしい」 在日コリアン  大阪市内のホールで5日にあった朝鮮半島の統一を願う文化イベント「第33回ワンコリアフェスティバル」は多くの人でにぎわった。主催団体の共同代表、鄭甲寿(チョン・カプス)さん(63)は「北朝鮮が核にこだわる限り出口は見えないが、トランプ氏の対応は制裁一辺倒だ。もう少し対話の努力をしてほしい」と注文した。 […]     全文

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U.S. nuclear arsenal to cost $1.2 trillion over next 30 years: CBO via Reuters

[…] The report said current plans for the modernization of the aging planes, ships and missile silos that make up the U.S. nuclear arsenal would cost 50 percent more than if the U.S. only operated and maintained its current equipment … Continue reading

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Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian | The Trump Presidency, or How to Further Enrich ‘The Masters of the Universe’ via Reader Supported News (Tom Dispatch)

[…] Not all of the damage can be blamed on the con man who is nominally in charge, on his outlandish appointments, or on the congressional forces he has unleashed. Some of the most dangerous developments under Trump trace back … Continue reading

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Donor Lobbying for Nuclear-Plant Tax Credits Brags of Dinners With Trump via Bloomberg

After Franklin L. Haney made his first million-dollar contribution to a super-PAC, his dream of owning a nuclear power plant took a big step forward. That gift went to a group to help re-elect President Barack Obama in 2012. Haney … Continue reading

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