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U.S. nuclear arsenal to cost $1.2 trillion over next 30 years: CBO via Reuters

[…] The report said current plans for the modernization of the aging planes, ships and missile silos that make up the U.S. nuclear arsenal would cost 50 percent more than if the U.S. only operated and maintained its current equipment … Continue reading

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Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian | The Trump Presidency, or How to Further Enrich ‘The Masters of the Universe’ via Reader Supported News (Tom Dispatch)

[…] Not all of the damage can be blamed on the con man who is nominally in charge, on his outlandish appointments, or on the congressional forces he has unleashed. Some of the most dangerous developments under Trump trace back … Continue reading

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GOP fury over energy confronts reality of Congress’ snail pace via The Denver Post

  By Jennifer A. Dlouhy and Ari Natter, Bloomberg Republicans who have vowed to roll back dozens of Obama-era coal, climate and energy regulations are up against a harsh reality: There isn’t enough time to kill them all. A packed … Continue reading

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Obama to decide on cuts to US nuclear arsenal in October via The Guardian

Limited politically feasible options on table for president to cement a disarmer legacy, most far-reaching of which is a one-third cut to deployed strategic arsenal Barack Obama is expected to make a final decision next month on possible cuts to … Continue reading

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End the First-Use Policy for Nuclear Weapons via The New York Times

Throughout the nuclear age, presidents have allowed their senior commanders to plan for the first use of nuclear weapons. Contingency plans were drawn to initiate first strikes to repel an invasion of Europe by the Soviet Union, defeat China and … Continue reading

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Hibakusha: A-bomb sufferers’ group official regrets praising Obama speech via The Mainichi

The secretary-general of the Japan Confederation of A- and H-Bomb Sufferers Organizations, who praised the speech given by United States President Barack Obama during his visit to Hiroshima, says he regretted doing so after learning the content of the speech … Continue reading

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Professor Bo Jacobs on the Obama Visit via Get Hiroshima

[…] Professor Jacobs is a researcher, lecturer and historian of nuclear technology and radiation technopolitics. He is also a long-time Hiroshima resident and a professor at the Hiroshima Peace Institute at Hiroshima City University. This 25 minute interview touches on many … Continue reading

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Obama has ‘failed to deliver on nuclear disarmament promises’ via The Guardian

Data shows US president has made fewer reductions to stockpile than any incumbent since the end of the cold war When Barack Obama told his audience in Hiroshima that consistent effort would be needed to roll back from the brink … Continue reading

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LIVE: Obama speaks at Hiroshima memorial via Youtube

Ref. Text of President Obama’s Speech in Hiroshima, Japan via The New York Times

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Over Seventy Prominent Scholars and Activists Urge Obama to meet Hibakusha, Take Further Steps on Nuclear Disarmament via PEACE ACTION’S GROUNDSWELL

May 23, 2016 President Barack Obama The White House Washington, DC   Dear Mr. President, We were happy to learn of your plans to be the first sitting president of the United States to visit Hiroshima this week, after the … Continue reading

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