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Nuclear Stockholm Syndrome via Counterpunch

By Robert Jacobs Bhaskar Sunkara’s recent opinion piece extoling the virtues of nuclear power and castigating its opponents as paranoid and ill-informed, is clearly motivated by his deep concerns over the dire impacts of global warming, which loom closer by the hour. … Continue reading

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75th Anniversary Commemoration of Hiroshima & Nagasaki via Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies (Temple University Japan Campus)

ICAS Webinar (Online) “Managing Nuclear Memory: The Journey from Hiroshima to Fukushima” Date/Time:  August 7  10:00am  Chicago (CT)  |  August 8  12:00am  Tokyo (JST) Webinar access link:   https://temple.zoom.us/j/8166385428M | Meeting ID: 816 638 5428 Moderator:  Kyle Cleveland, ICAS Co-Director Watch video here. For … Continue reading

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Trump’s N. Korea WARGASM! Will It Come? A Different Perspective w/Space4Peace’s Bruce Gagon & Bo Jacobs in Hiroshima – NH #321 via Nuclear Hotseat

This Week’s Featured Interviews – North Korea Close-up: Bruce Gagnon is the secretary/coordinator of Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space.  He provides the history of US/N. Korea relations, a context for understanding what the countries are threatening, … Continue reading

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[HERALD INTERVIEW] Nagasaki atom bomb survivor urges denuclearization of world via The Korean Herald

TOKYO — More than 70 years later, Terumi Tanaka can still relive the havoc wrought on his hometown Nagasaki, which was flattened by a plutonium bomb unleashed from a United States Army Air Forces plane. At around 11 a.m. on … Continue reading

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Professor Bo Jacobs on the Obama Visit via Get Hiroshima

[…] Professor Jacobs is a researcher, lecturer and historian of nuclear technology and radiation technopolitics. He is also a long-time Hiroshima resident and a professor at the Hiroshima Peace Institute at Hiroshima City University. This 25 minute interview touches on many … Continue reading

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Hanford, Not Fukushima, is the Big Radiological Threat to the West Coast via Counter Punch

[…] Hanford, on the Columbia River in Eastern Washington State, is the site where the United States produced the majority of its plutonium for nuclear weapons during the Cold War. These tens of thousands of American nuclear weapons were built … Continue reading

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Los Alamos team visits Japan to gain perspective on atomic bombings via Santa Fe/New Mexican

[…] Despite the shared history between Los Alamos and the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where another bomb was dropped on Aug. 9, 1945, New Mexico residents “don’t hear a lot about the Japanese perspective,” said Judith Stauber, director … Continue reading

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The latest on Fukushima (interview with Bo Jacobs) via ABC Queensland

There was a real buzz in the media a couple of weeks ago when we heard the news that Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympic Games. The Japanese government has been quick to assure any would-be travellers that any issues … Continue reading

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Hibakusha: Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Beyond via DiaNuke.org

… Nuclear weapon testing is very closely connected to colonial history. Most nuclear powers test weapons either in the far reaches of their empires, or among marginalized populations in their own country. Partly as a result of this legacy, most … Continue reading

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