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Power Politics: Japan’s Resilient Nuclear Village via The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus

[…] As I argued in early September in a lengthy analysis of “Japan’s Nuclear Village”, the deck is stacked in favor of the pro-nuclear advocates of the nuclear village and it is unlikely that public opposition will trump the networks … Continue reading

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Doubts cast over Japan nuclear phase-out via The Financial Times

It has only been a month since Japan declared that it would close down its nuclear industry by the end of the 2030s, but already a contentious plan to complete several partially built reactors is sowing doubts about the government’s … Continue reading

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In Japan, need of fossil fuels pushes climate-change targets to back seat via Washington Post

TOKYO — With Japan’s oil and gas plants firing at full capacity, officials here say there is little chance of meeting a pledge to cut greenhouse gas emissions significantly over the next decade, a startling retreat for a country that … Continue reading

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Meet the Fukushima 50? No, you can’t via The Economist

IT HAS taken the Japanese government more than 18 months to pay tribute to a group of brave men, once known as the “Fukushima 50”, who risked their lives to prevent meltdowns at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant from … Continue reading

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Japan’s Long Atomic Sayonara via Nukefree.org

By Harvey Wasserman As demonstrators from the Coalition Against Nukes prepare to descend on Washington DC and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the world’s third-largest economy has taken a landmark step toward Solartopia. A pro-nuclear Japanese government has announced it will … Continue reading

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Japon : le Premier ministre confirme sa volonté de sortir du nucléaire via Liberation

… Le Premier ministre de centre gauche a répété que son gouvernement préparait un nouveau plan énergétique pour l’horizon 2030, avec à l’esprit la volonté de «sortir du nucléaire à moyen ou long terme». Les autorités planchent sur trois scénarii … Continue reading

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Fukushima Watch: Anti-Nuclear Activists Unimpressed by Meeting With PM via The Warll Street Journal

… After meeting the prime minister, activists expressed disappointment. “I don’t think it resonated,” said Misao Redwolf, one of the participants. “My impression of Mr. Noda is that he was someone who didn’t look people in the eye.” The government … Continue reading

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DPJ vow for next poll: a nuclear phaseout via The Japan Times

Role for Kan urged to draft pre-election energy goals Kyodo Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s party is arranging to make a nuclear phaseout a key policy pledge in the next general election, sources in the Democratic Party of Japan said. The … Continue reading

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Nuclear issue puts increasing pressure on Japan government via Reuters

(Reuters) – Japan’s government came under fire on Tuesday over its handling of public hearings on nuclear energy policy, threatening to dent already sagging support for the ruling party ahead of an election many expect to be this year. The … Continue reading

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Tens of thousands demonstrate against nuclear power in Japan via CNN

Tokyo (CNN) — Tens of thousands of people crowded into a park in central Tokyo on Monday to protest the use of nuclear power in Japan, highlighting the growing opposition to atomic energy in the country since the crisis at … Continue reading

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