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Fukushima’s ¥8 trillion cleanup leaves foreign firms in the cold via The Japan Times

Cleaning up the Fukushima nuclear plant — a task predicted to cost 86 times the amount earmarked for decommissioning Japan’s first commercial reactor — is the mother of all salvage jobs. Still, foreign firms with decades of experience are seeing … Continue reading

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US Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s ‘enforcement’ is as fierce as the comfy chair via The Ecologist

By Linda Pentz Gunter The NRC routinely fails to enforce its own safety codes at nuclear power plants, writes Linda Pentz Gunter – putting all of us at risk from accidents. It’s the US’s most extreme example of regulatory capture, … Continue reading

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It’s Time for Japan to Punish Tepco via Bloomberg

By William Pesek Fishermen trawling the waters off Japan’s eastern coast have been alleging for a while that radioactive water was again spilling into the Pacific from the Fukushima power plant that melted down after a massive earthquake in 2011. … Continue reading

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Can Abenomics Cope with Environmental Disaster? via Japan Focus

By Andrew DeWit Geographically, the Global Climate Risk Index 2013 shows that the countries most affected in 2011 were Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan, El Salvador and the Philippines.7 A more comprehensive and nearly real-time accounting of climate risk and adaptive capacity … Continue reading

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The End of Japan’s Nuclear Power Mirage? Tokyo’s Green Olympics in 2020 via Japan Focus

Andrew DeWit The September 7 decision by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to award the 2020 games to Tokyo is potentially of monumental importance. That significance is not merely due to the fraught geopolitics of the so-called pivot to the … Continue reading

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Power Politics: Japan’s Resilient Nuclear Village via The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus

[…] As I argued in early September in a lengthy analysis of “Japan’s Nuclear Village”, the deck is stacked in favor of the pro-nuclear advocates of the nuclear village and it is unlikely that public opposition will trump the networks … Continue reading

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Hooked on Nuclear Power: Japanese State-Local Relations and the Vicious Cycle of Nuclear Dependence via Japan Focus

Although local governments have played a significant role in the politics and economics of Japan, Anglo-American studies on Japan have paid them little attention. Among developed countries, the size of Japanese local government budgets is strikingly large, as is the … Continue reading

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Fallout From the Fukushima Shock: Japan’s Emerging Energy Policy via Japan Focus

Japan’s tragic March 11 earthquake, tsunami and its continuing nuclear crisis struck in the midst of the world’s unfolding financial, economic, environmental and energy crises. The Fukushima Shock is drastically reshaping Japan’s energy policy and politics. This opportunity for change … Continue reading

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