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Abe at Ground Zero: the consequences of inaction at Fukushima Daiichi via Japan Focus

Andrew DeWit and Christopher Hobson The Lid Comes Off Fukushima Daiichi Japan’s searing summer of 2013 saw the lid slide further off Fukushima Daiichi and its Pandora’s box of radioactive and political crises. The company in charge, Tokyo Electric Power … Continue reading

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An Emerging Fukushima Model? via The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus

By Andrew DeWitt After two years in which international attention focused on Fukushima as an emblem of disaster, Fukushima’s plans for immense floating wind farm projects have begun to attract international attention. This April 15 article “Fukushima Moves Forward With … Continue reading

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Japan’s New Green Political Innovators Respond to Government Attempts to Restart Nuclear Power Plants via Japan Focus

Just when it seemed Japanese politics was being pulled back into the hands of the collusive interests who brought us Fukushima, it’s thrown up another surprise. The reformists, centred in innovative capital and local government, seem to have found a … Continue reading

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Fallout From the Fukushima Shock: Japan’s Emerging Energy Policy via Japan Focus

Japan’s tragic March 11 earthquake, tsunami and its continuing nuclear crisis struck in the midst of the world’s unfolding financial, economic, environmental and energy crises. The Fukushima Shock is drastically reshaping Japan’s energy policy and politics. This opportunity for change … Continue reading

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