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The poisoned environmental legacy of the ‘Nuclear Park’ via Culturico

Linda Pentz Gunter France prides itself on its “Nuclear Park”, its fleet of once 58 and now 56 operational nuclear reactors that deliver 70% of the country’s electricity. However, the environmental effects of this considerable use of nuclear power – … Continue reading

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Nuclear power’s economic failure via The Ecologist

Dr Jim Green  | 13th December 2021  A new report from Friends of the Earth Australia details the catastrophic cost overruns with nuclear power projects. Despite the abundance of evidence that nuclear power is economically uncompetitive compared to renewables, the nuclear … Continue reading

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How Green Is Nuclear Energy via BBC Learning English

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Australian-UK-US nuclear submarine deal exposes civilian-military links via Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Andy Stirling, Phil Johnstone | November 9, 2021 […] In democratic nuclear weapons states such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, shared civil-military nuclear industrial bases are largely—albeit indirectly—funded by electricity consumers. Colossal investments in new nuclear power are underwritten … Continue reading

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Macron says France will build new nuclear energy reactors via Reuters

PARIS, Nov 9 (Reuters) – France will build new nuclear reactors to help the country lessen its dependence on foreign countries for its energy supplies, meet global warming targets and keep prices under control, President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday. … Continue reading

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Do France’s plans for small nuclear reactors have hidden agenda? via DW

Although France plans to invest in small modular nuclear reactors, experts doubt that this is ecologically and economically sensible. Yet it may be more about geopolitical strategy than energy. In the wake of the disaster at nuclear power plant Fukushima … Continue reading

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Four takeaways from the 2021 World Nuclear Industry Status Report via Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

By Dawn Stover | October 1, 2021 Although there are 23 fewer nuclear reactors in the world today than at the 2002 peak of 438, the past year saw a small uptick in the number of reactors operating worldwide and a corresponding … Continue reading

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Hidden military implications of ‘building back’ with new nuclear in the UK via Responsible Science Journal

Dr Phil Johnstone and Prof Andy Stirling, University of Sussex, examine the entanglements between Britain’s civilian and military nuclear programmes and ask, would the UK be building new nuclear power stations if it weren’t for pressure from the military lobby? … Continue reading

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The history of nuclear power’s imagined future: Plutonium’s journey from asset to waste via Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By William Walker Two histories of nuclear power can be recounted. The first is the history of the active present.  It tells, amongst other things, of the technology’s evolution and role in electricity production, its military connections, installed types, capacities … Continue reading

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Refusing to learn the lessons from Chernobyl, Poland embarks on a rash nuclear power program via Beyond Nuclear International

By Beata Cymerman […] The Chernobyl disaster in Poland The government of Poland didn’t immediately release an official statement regarding the catastrophe. Poland was a satellite state of the Soviet Union. After the day of the explosion, April 26, no … Continue reading

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