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The history of nuclear power’s imagined future: Plutonium’s journey from asset to waste via Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By William Walker Two histories of nuclear power can be recounted. The first is the history of the active present.  It tells, amongst other things, of the technology’s evolution and role in electricity production, its military connections, installed types, capacities … Continue reading

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Refusing to learn the lessons from Chernobyl, Poland embarks on a rash nuclear power program via Beyond Nuclear International

By Beata Cymerman […] The Chernobyl disaster in Poland The government of Poland didn’t immediately release an official statement regarding the catastrophe. Poland was a satellite state of the Soviet Union. After the day of the explosion, April 26, no … Continue reading

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Power Generation Cost Working Group Finally Comes up with New Estimate via Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center

By Matsukubo Hajime(CNIC) On July 12, the Working Group on Verification of Power Generation Cost (hereafter, WG) of the Advisory Committee for Natural Resources and Energy, an advisory body to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, announced the outline … Continue reading

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America’s Nuclear Waste Has Nowhere to Go and More Is Coming via Vice

The Pentagon recently announced plans to up the production of plutonium pits, a core component of nuclear weapons. By Matthew Gault Outside the sleepy Maine town of Wiscasset (population 3,700), armed guards patrol a slab of concrete surrounded by a chain … Continue reading

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We don’t need nuclear power to tackle climate change via Greenpeace

I’ve always kept an open mind about nuclear power, but after four decades working on this issue, I’m still waiting for someone to prove me wrong. […] Apart from a few visionaries in the early 1980s, no one really thought … Continue reading

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The 7 reasons why nuclear energy is not the answer to solve climate change via Heinrich Böll Stiftung Brussels

Analysis New nuclear power costs about 5 times more than onshore wind power per kWh. Nuclear takes 5 to 17 years longer between planning and operation and produces on average 23 times the emissions per unit electricity generated. In addition, … Continue reading

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For the NPT to work, plutonium has to go via the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Victor Gilinsky, Henry Sokolski | March 15, 2021 The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), whose tenth review conference is coming up in August, is in trouble, and not only because of the crescendo of complaints about the failure of the nuclear-armed states to implement nuclear … Continue reading

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Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding Small Modular Reactors for National Defense and Space Exploration via The White House

Issued on: January 12, 2021 Today, President Trump is issuing an Executive Order on Promoting Small Modular Reactors for National Defense and Space Exploration, which will further revitalize the United States nuclear energy sector, reinvigorate America’s space exploration program, and … Continue reading

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The next ‘Great Tide’ via Beyond Nuclear International

Exposed to rising tides and storm surges, Britain’s nuclear plants stand in harm’s way By Andrew Blowers ‘It was now that wind and sea in concert leaped forward to their triumph.’Hilda Grieve: The Great Tide: The Story of the 1953 … Continue reading

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Peninsula Clean Energy board rejects PG&E nuclear credits via The Daily Journal

By Curtis Driscoll Daily Journal staff Peninsula Clean Energy has accepted hydropower allocation credits but rejected similar ones for nuclear power from PG&E after the board expressed concern about associating with the controversial energy source but, in doing so, it … Continue reading

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