Peninsula Clean Energy board rejects PG&E nuclear credits via The Daily Journal

By Curtis Driscoll Daily Journal staff

Peninsula Clean Energy has accepted hydropower allocation credits but rejected similar ones for nuclear power from PG&E after the board expressed concern about associating with the controversial energy source but, in doing so, it will lose out of potential savings up to $10 million through 2023.


PCE said the board’s decision to accept hydro and reject nuclear allocations would not affect what customers pay for their power or its customers’ discounts.

PCE board members rejected nuclear allocations because it was wary of being associated with that type of energy. It was also concerned about the public’s negative perception and reception if PCE put nuclear on its power content label. If PCE had accepted the nuclear allocation, it would be required to show the allocation on its annual power content label, potentially damaging trust with customers who don’t want to use or be associated with nuclear energy.

Board members said the issue was financial versus perception due to the negative stereotypes of nuclear power. PCE would have saved around $1.2 million in 2021 if it took nuclear allocation credit but would have likely received customer complaints. A PCE poll of customers found a substantial number would look for another power company or contact an elected official because of the issue if PCE took the nuclear credits. PCE said accepting or rejecting the allocation does not affect power plants’ operations or change customer’s energy delivery.


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