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Spain on track to complete nuclear power phase-out by 2035 via Power Technology

By GlobalDataTechnology GlobalData’s latest report, “Spain Power Market Outlook to 2030, Update 2021 – Market Trends, Regulations, and Competitive Landscape,” discusses the power market structure of Spain and provides historical and forecast numbers for capacity, generation, and consumption up to … Continue reading

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Ohio Stumbles, with a Team Trump Nudge, Toward Nuclear and Coal via The Progressive

Defying all laws of competitive economics, climate change, and technological progress, the state House has voted in a ratepayer-funded bailout for two aging nuclear power plants. by Harvey Wasserman May 30, 2019 […] If it passes Ohio’s Senate next week, the … Continue reading

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Hopi and Navajo Miners Protest the Closure of the Largest Coal Plant in the West via Reader Supported News (Grist)

By Justine Calma, Grist […] The coal plant provides steady employment for nearby Native American communities and funds public services. But it also leads them to lean heavily on the mining industry and takes a toll on people’s health. As natural … Continue reading

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コラム:トランプ氏エネルギー政策の欠陥、「ハービー」で露呈 via ロイター

Lauren Silva Laughlin [ダラス 28日 ロイター BREAKINGVIEWS] – 米テキサス州湾岸部を襲った大型ハリケーン「ハービー」は、トランプ米大統領のエネルギー政策の欠陥を露わにした。 大統領は石炭生産と油田掘削の拡大を通じ、米国を世界に冠たる燃料輸出国としたい意向だ。しかしゴールドマン・サックスの調査によると、テキサス州の洪水で米国の製油能力の16%に支障が生じた。トランプ氏お気に入りの構想よりも、気候変動対策とエネルギーインフラの強化を優先すべきだ。 大統領は6月、国内の石油生産を拡大し、外国産石油への依存を止めるとの目標を掲げた。選挙中には石炭産業の復活を約束し、4月には米沖合油田の掘削を拡大する大統領令に署名。5月、米国の戦略石油備蓄の約半分の売却を提案した。 しかし現在、シェールオイル革命のおかげで原油と天然ガスは有り余っている。これらを燃料に変えるインフラが機能しなければ、この豊富な供給も役に立たない。 テキサス州は米国で最も製油所が集中する場所だ。当初の報道によると、大半の施設閉鎖は予防的な措置だが、損害規模を評価するのはまだ早い。米気象庁の予報では、ハリケーンは9月1日までテキサス、ルイジアナ両州の湾岸部に居座り、雨量は所によって最大50インチに達する見通しだ。チューダー・ピカリング・ホルトの調査では、最悪の場合、米国の製油能力の最大30%が一時的に失われる。   […] 環境保護局(EPA)によると、気候変動によってテキサス州の降雨量は増えつつあり、ハリケーンは勢力を増し、メキシコ湾岸の水位は10年間に約2インチ上昇している。米国のエネルギー安全保障を確実にする上では、こうした脅威とテキサス州の製油・輸送インフラに手を打つ方が良策だろう。 […] 全文

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Power industry moves to block N.Y. nuclear subsidies via Environment & Energy Publishing

The power industry has launched its first legal challenge against New York’s ambitious renewable-energy program. NRG Energy Inc. and a group representing competitive power generators filed suit yesterday in federal court to block a key part of the state’s Clean … Continue reading

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The Big Difference at Standing Rock Is Native Leadership All Around via YES! Magazine (Reader Supported News)

Dallas Goldtooth, a veteran organizer of the Keystone XL fight, is amazed at the historic support from tribes at Standing Rock–even tribes that rely on resource extraction. […] This fight right now, it’s about the water. And because the messaging … Continue reading

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The nuclear industry is trying to hijack the Paris climate summit via Independent Australia

By Noel Wauchope […] At the Paris Climate Summit (COP21), the global nuclear lobby is in overdrive. The centrepiece of today’s global nuclear lobbying is the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, led by Bill Gates, made public at the start of the … Continue reading

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Rockefellers, Heirs to an Oil Fortune, Will Divest Charity From Fossil Fuels via The New York Times

John D. Rockefeller built a vast fortune on oil. Now his heirs are abandoning fossil fuels. The family whose legendary wealth flowed from Standard Oil is planning to announce on Monday that its $860 million philanthropic organization, the Rockefeller Brothers … Continue reading

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Movement to Resist Tar Sands “Megaloads” Unites Tribal Members, Environmentalists via Yes! Magazine & Reader Supported News

Umatilla, a town of 7,000 sprawled out on the plains overlooking the Columbia River, once hosted a U.S. Army chemical weapons depot, but the last of that stockpile was destroyed in 2011. Now, it’s the starting point for the megaloads, … Continue reading

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