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Big money, nuclear subsidies, and systemic corruption via The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Cassandra Jeffery, M. V. Ramana | February 12, 2021 The “largest bribery, money-laundering scheme ever perpetrated against the people and the state of Ohio” came to light during an unexpected press conference in July 2020 in Columbus. Speaking haltingly and carefully, US Attorney … Continue reading

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Nuclear Bribery in Ohio: Let’s Put It in Perspective via Fairewinds Energy Education

By The Fairewinds Crew According to the FBI’s criminal investigation, First Energy (aka Energy Harbor since it came out of bankruptcy) is a regulated public utility that illegally used $61 Million in corporate funds to bribe energy regulators and state … Continue reading

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A dirty battle for a nuclear bailout in Ohio via the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Shakiba Fadaie, M. V. Ramana, April 21, 2020 Last July, Ohio’s governor signed House Bill 6 (HB6) to provide FirstEnergy (now Energy Harbor), a large electric utility, with subsidies of nearly $150 million per year to keep its Perry and Davis-Besse … Continue reading

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Environmental groups want controversial Ohio nuclear bailout bill reexamined; HB6 now at the center of FBI investigation via Cleveland.com

By Emily Bamforth CLEVELAND, Ohio — Ohio House Bill 6 bailed out two FirstEnergy power plants and gave subsidies to coal plants, while dismantling mandates designed to move Ohio’s clean energy landscape forward. The controversial bill, passed last year, is now … Continue reading

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Ohio’s Pro-Nuke Assault Threatens American Democracy With Violence and More via Reader Supported News

By Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, Columbus Free Press 24 November 19 he nuclear industry’s violent assault on democracy in Ohio has taken a surreal leap. It could seriously impact whether Donald Trump will carry this swing state – and … Continue reading

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40 Ways Ohio Now Proposes Nuclear Suicide via Reader Supported News

By Harvey Wasserman A bought, gerrymandered Ohio Legislature has just handed a much-hated $150 million/year public bailout to two dinosaur nuke reactors primed to explode. It also bails out two filthy 50-year-old coal burners and guts programs for increased efficiency.  … Continue reading

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Ohio’s “Chernobyl Socialism” Would Hand $20 Million to Seven Utility Scammers via Reader Supported News

by Harvey Wasserman 10 June 19 A huge proposed bailout of two Chernobyl-in-progress Ohio nukes (plus two old coal burners) would put $20 million directly into the pockets of seven utility executives. Their bankrupt company last year spent $3 million … Continue reading

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Ohio Stumbles, with a Team Trump Nudge, Toward Nuclear and Coal via The Progressive

Defying all laws of competitive economics, climate change, and technological progress, the state House has voted in a ratepayer-funded bailout for two aging nuclear power plants. by Harvey Wasserman May 30, 2019 […] If it passes Ohio’s Senate next week, the … Continue reading

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Ohio House Sidelines Bailout of 2 FirstEnergy Nuclear Plants via US News

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Opponents are praising a decision to suspend deliberations on the proposed financial rescue of Ohio’s two nuclear plants, even as Akron-based FirstEnergy continues to push for the deal. House Public Utilities Chairman Bill Seitz, a Cincinnati … Continue reading

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Davis-Besse remains shut down after steam leak Nuclear power plant offline until repairs completed via The Blade

OAK HARBOR, Ohio — Davis-Besse nuclear power plant remains shut down today after a steam leak Saturday night. FirstEnergy Corp. shut down the power plant and declared the lowest level emergency in response to the steam leak, which came from the … Continue reading

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