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COVID-19 spreading among workers on Fukushima plant, related projects via The Mainichi

[…] While plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. (TEPCO) and the ministry said the infections have not significantly affected work progress up to now, they are growing increasingly cautious about the recent surge. Some 4,000 people per day … Continue reading

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Two Weapons That Shouldn’t Be In The Pentagon’s New Budget via Forbes

By William Hartung When the Biden administration releases the details of its proposed budget Friday, one thing will be clear. At over $750 billion for spending on the Pentagon and related work like nuclear warhead development at the Department of Energy, … Continue reading

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Radiation illnesses and COVID-19 in the Navajo Nation via Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

By Jayita Sarkar, Caitlin Meyer, The COVID-19 pandemic is wiping out Indigenous elders and with them the cultural identity of Indigenous communities in the United States. But on lands that sprawl across a vast area of the American West, the Navajo (or Diné) are … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Pandemic Multiplies Worries For Residents Living Near West Lake Landfill via Environmental Echo

By Don Corrigan Fear. Anxiety. Heartbreak. Those are words used by residents living near the radioactive West lake Landfill in North St. Louis County. Residents say their fear, their anxiety and their heartbreaks have multiplied in the 2020 pandemic because of weakened … Continue reading

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Ditch Nuclear And Save $860 Million With Grid Flexibility, U.K. Told via Forbes

David Vetter The U.K. could save money, reduce the risk of blackouts and more quickly achieve its carbon-cutting goals by abandoning plans to build more nuclear power facilities and instead invest in a flexible electricity grid, new analysis has found. … Continue reading

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COVID19: What Japan Failed to Learn from Fukushima via Tokyo Review

Michael Larson […] However, perhaps the most worrying parallel between these crises is the way political leaders have stumbled into the same communication and policy missteps as their predecessors. Understanding the connection between the mistakes made a decade ago and … Continue reading

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Uranium Industry’s COVID-19 Bailout Request Sparks a Disgusted Pushback via Phoenix New Times

ELIZABETH WHITMAN  […] One July morning in 1979, a dam containing tailings from United Nuclear Corporation’s uranium mill some 200 miles away broke, letting loose more than 1,000 tons of waste. Ninety-four million gallons of radioactive water gushed into the Puerco River, which … Continue reading

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The wrong crisis stopped the Olympics via Beyond Nuclear International

By Linda Pentz Gunter On Saturday, March 21, 50,000 people queued up at Sendai station to see the Olympic flame displayed in a cauldron there. Packed together, not all of them wearing masks, the eager spectators waited as long as three hours … Continue reading

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While industry looks for handouts, NRC gives nod to reduced safety oversight via Beyond Nuclear International

By Linda Pentz Gunter It was no surprise really, when the first to line up with outstretched palms as Congress debated and formulated its now passed $2 trillion coronavirus-prompted emergency relief bill, were nuclear corporations. The sinking nuclear power industry … Continue reading

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How the coronavirus outbreak is like a nuclear attack: An interview with Jeffrey Lewis via Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

[…] In this interview, Lewis describes the pandemic as a “nuclear war in slow motion” and says that effectively managing both types of crises requires a cooperative, internationalist approach. In both the real world and the fictional world of his … Continue reading

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