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‘Exploring Tritium’s Danger’: a book review by Robert Alvarez via the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Over the past 40 years, Arjun Makhijani has provided clear, concise, and important scientific insights that have enriched our understanding of the nuclear age. In doing so, Makhijani—now president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research—has built a solid … Continue reading

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A Nuclear Plant That Leaked 400,000 Gallons of Radioactive Water Will Be Shut Down After Second Incident via NBC News

Erik Ortiz/NBC News The owner of one of Minnesota’s two nuclear power plants said it will temporarily power down the facility Friday to repair a recurring leak of radioactive water discovered this week, occurring as state regulators had been monitoring … Continue reading

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A Nuclear Power Plant Leaked Contaminated Water in Minnesota. Here’s What We Know via NPR

Minnesota officials are monitoring the cleanup of a 400,000 gallon leak of contaminated water from a nuclear power plant in the city of Monticello run by the energy giant Xcel Energy. Officials said there is no danger from the leak. … Continue reading

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Don’t dump on us: Pacific Islanders, marine scientists, urge Japan not to dump Fukushima radioactive water into the ocean via Beyond Nuclear International

By Linda Pentz Gunter The nuclear power industry has a long history of disproportionately impacting people of color, Indigenous communities and those living in the Global South. As Japan prepares to dump more than 1 million tonnes of radioactive water … Continue reading

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More data needed before ocean release of Fukushima water via Japan Times

[…] Japan’s nuclear regulator has stated that this can be done safely and the International Atomic Energy Agency has supported this position. We would argue that there is insufficient information to assess potential impacts on environmental and human health and … Continue reading

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Worker Lockout Is New Worry at Nuclear Plant via The Provincetown Independent

NRC says radioactive releases from Pilgrim have always been at safe levels BY CHRISTINE LEGERE MAR 30, 2022 PLYMOUTH — There is more to worry about than the possible discharge of a million gallons of radioactive water from the Pilgrim Nuclear Power … Continue reading

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Nuclear baloney via Beyond Nuclear International

AP story on states’ nuclear choice fails to point out key realities by Linda Pentz Gunter […] The mantra about solving the nuclear waste problem has been repeated since the dawn of the Nuclear Age, coming up on 80 years … Continue reading

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More fusion folly via Beyond Nuclear International

Billions already spent on ‘energy pipedream’ By David Blackburn Nuclear fusion has been a long-held ambition of the nuclear industry and governments who support nuclear power for decades. Since the end of the Second World War, governments around the world, … Continue reading

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“No Dumping of Contaminated Water into the Pacific Ocean! Rally to Protect the Ocean and Life!” via Manhattan Project for a Nuclear-Free World

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Fukushima: A Lasting Tragedy via Portside

The United States, the largest owner of nuclear power plants, promotes nuclear power as “safe and clean energy,” a wolf in sheep’s clothing. H. Patricia Hynes […] Five Years Later Considered the most complex industrial cleanup, not even robots were … Continue reading

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