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More data needed before ocean release of Fukushima water via Japan Times

[…] Japan’s nuclear regulator has stated that this can be done safely and the International Atomic Energy Agency has supported this position. We would argue that there is insufficient information to assess potential impacts on environmental and human health and … Continue reading

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The U.S. Must Take Responsibility for Nuclear Fallout in the Marshall Islands via Scientific American

By Hart Rapaport, Ivana Nikolić Hughes on April 4, 2022 In many ways, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has resurfaced our global nuclear history. […] As governments across the world consider their own roles in lessening the risk of nuclear war, the United States cannot excuse … Continue reading

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東電、ストロンチウム濃度公表せず…測定誤り?via Yomiuri online

東京電力は8日、福島第一原子力発電所の港湾や井戸で海水や地下水を採取して調べている放射性ストロンチウムの濃度について、「測定結果に誤りがある可能性があり、公表できない」と発表した。 海水などは定期的に採取して汚染状況を監視することになっており、放射性セシウムなどは毎週、濃度を分析して公表している。しかし、汚染水に含まれる主要 な放射性物質の一つであるストロンチウムは、毎月分析することになっているが、昨年6月に採取した海水などの分析結果を最後に、半年近くも公表していな かった。 続きは東電、ストロンチウム濃度公表せず…測定誤り?

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Japan finds highly toxic strontium in Fukushima groundwater via Reuters

(Reuters) – High levels of a toxic substance called strontium-90 have been found in groundwater at the devastated Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, the utility that runs the facility said on Wednesday. Strontium-90 is a by-product of the fission … Continue reading

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Radioactive strontium from Fukushima disaster found in 10 prefectures via The Asahi Shimbun

Radioactive strontium-90 from the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant has been detected for the first time in 10 prefectures outside Miyagi and Fukushima, the science ministry said July 24. The highest reading was in Ibaraki Prefecture and nearly … Continue reading

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Strontium from No. 1 plant taints Pacific via The Japan Times Online

About 12 tons of water contaminated with radioactive strontium are feared to have leaked from the Fukushima No. 1 plant into the Pacific Ocean, Tepco said Thursday. Continue reading at Strontium from No. 1 plant taints Pacific

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Radioactive material found 250km from Fukushima via ABC News

North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy Posted October 12, 2011 20:07:14 Elevated levels of radioactive strontium, which can cause cancer, have been found 250 kilometres from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant. The find in the city of Yokohama has heightened fears … Continue reading

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