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Kyushu Earthquake: Lessons Not Learned From Fukushima: Report By Hiroko Aihara Fukushima Journalist via laborvideo

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Former WHO Official: Fukushima plant is dumping nuclear waste into ocean on a daily basis; “There’s no foreseeable end to it… and nobody has any good ideas on how to stop it” via ENENEWS

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Are journalists critical enough when covering nuclear? via SciDevNet

Nuclear power is a major topic in South Korea. The country is one of the largest generators of electricity from nuclear plants in the world. It has 23 reactors built with a total capacity of 20.5 gigawatts, another five are … Continue reading

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Foreign journalists visit Fukushima N-plant via The Japan News

Journalists from 11 countries recently visited Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant to observe various facilities there and the progress of reconstruction in nearby areas of Fukushima Prefecture. Fourteen journalists took part in the bus tour, … Continue reading

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Japan Political Pulse: Germany’s rock-hard commitment to nuclear phase-out via Mainichi

Germany’s nuclear power phase-out has reached a point of no return. On a Japan National Press Club tour of Europe earlier this month, I had the opportunity to speak extensively with energy transition experts in Berlin. There, the head of … Continue reading

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“Cancer Epidemic” Underway in Fukushima. Culture of Denial via Global Research

Rates up 6,000% says head of cancer research center — “This is definitely a holocaust… everything’s being swept under the rug” — “Very, very frightening… my family members are brainwashed” Fukushima resident Chieko Shiina, supporter of the Fukushima Collaborative Clinic (translated … Continue reading

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Radio show aborted for DJ’s comments on media control after 311 via Fukushima Diary

“InterFM” decided to abort one of their major radio shows “Barakan Morning”. The DJ commented in the radio show of 9/15/2014. The show started in September of 2009. After one year blank, it restarted in April of 2013. Peter Barakan, … Continue reading

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The BBC, Friends of the Earth and nuclear power via The Ecologist

At first it looked like a journalistic coup, writes Neil Crumpton – the BBC’s ‘scoop’ that FOE was no longer opposed to nuclear power. Except that FOE remains firmly anti-nuclear as it has been for decades. The spotlight must now … Continue reading

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[Japan’s nuclear disaster] Toxic legacy via The Economist

IN THE pantheon of Fukushima heroes, Masao Yoshida (pictured) is a key figure. As the manager of the crippled Daiichi plant in 2011, Mr Yoshida was the captain of a nuclear Titanic, ready to go down with his ship rather … Continue reading

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Japan halts criminal contempt case against freelancer raising alarm about return to Fukushima via Straight.com

An international press-freedom organization is highlighting a decision by a Japanese prosecutor to suspend criminal-contempt proceedings against a freelance journalist. It concerned a tweet that Mari Takenouchi made about a group’s efforts to get people to return to areas contaminated … Continue reading

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