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Nuclear test veterans: ‘My dad was treated like a guinea pig’ via BBC

By Chris Wood When David Purse was sent to Australia, he thought it would be a “wild adventure” in a little-explored place. However, the RAF flight lieutenant’s posting to a remote area called Maralinga was to test atomic weapons.  Son … Continue reading

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Britain’s nuclear past: the fallout from the High Explosive Research programme via History Extra

British nuclear tests conducted in the 1950s exposed many thousands of servicemen to high levels of radiation. Gordon Murray explores the poisonous legacy of the euphemistically named High Explosive Research programme | By Gordon Murray “We were ordered to kill … Continue reading

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Children of Atomic Veterans Carry Heavy Genetic Burden: Victoria Moore via Nuclear Hotseat

This Week’s Featured Interview: Children of Atomic Veterans focuses on medical and genetic issues in those whose parents – primarily fathers – were exposed to nuclear radiation during the atomic bomb tests in the south Pacific 1946-1962.  Victoria Moore is one such child.  Her father was head … Continue reading

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Iraqi Children Pay High Health Cost of War-Induced Air Pollution, Study Finds via The Guardian UK (Reader Supported News)

ir pollution caused by war may be a major factor in the numbers of birth defects and cancers being reported in Iraq and other war zones, a study has suggested. Human exposure to heavy metals and neurotoxicants from the explosion … Continue reading

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Veterans battle VA for atomic designation via The Bangor Daily News

BELFAST, Maine — One of Jeffery Dean’s close Army buddies died two days ago of a cancer that the Belfast man has no problem connecting to their stint cleaning up nuclear waste together on a tiny South Pacific atoll. The … Continue reading

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Veterans… Does the Federal Government Really Care About You? via Salem-News

(WASHINGTON DC) – My last four articles (Veterans Today) focused in on setting the stage to constructively help Veterans exposed to various toxins while serving our country and announce the posting of my new Internet website to assist Veterans facing … Continue reading

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UK nuclear veterans timed out? via The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Article Highlights The UK Supreme Court has ruled against atomic and nuclear veterans seeking compensation for radiation exposure during British weapons testing in the 1950s. The ruling, which found the claims were not filed within a three-year statute of limitations, … Continue reading

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