Children of Atomic Veterans Carry Heavy Genetic Burden: Victoria Moore via Nuclear Hotseat

This Week’s Featured Interview:

  • Children of Atomic Veterans focuses on medical and genetic issues in those whose parents – primarily fathers – were exposed to nuclear radiation during the atomic bomb tests in the south Pacific 1946-1962.  Victoria Moore is one such child.  Her father was head of communications for the tests and was aboard ship, in proximity, for anywhere from 20-40 nuclear explosions.  She tells the story of his penile cancer and the veil of secrecy that hid his many illnesses, as well as their cause.  Then she explains how her father’s radiation exposure changed what should have been the trajectory of her own life.  Gripping information, along with how to contact the group and register for its upcoming initiatives.Contacts:
    TWITTER:  @children_of_atomic_veterans

Read and listen.

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