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Nuclear Power Doesn’t Belong in the Green New Deal via Truthout

By Linda Pentz Gunter Amid rising public outcry over government inaction toward the climate crisis, the nuclear power industry has attempted to advertise itself as “zero emissions,” “carbon-free” and even “renewable” in order to convince politicians and the public that … Continue reading

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Science is objective—but are all scientists objective? via Nation of Change

By Karl Grossman August 25, 2020 There is science—and then there is scientific vested interests. With a denier of science in The White House—whether it has to do with the climate crisis or Covid-19 and so on—there is a major … Continue reading

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Radiophobia? Schmadiophobia! Nuclear Industry Propaganda Lie: Prof. Majia Nadesan + Covid/Nuclear UPDATE – #467 via Nuclear Hotseat

Listen Here: Audio Player00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Podcast: Download This Week’s Featured Interview: RADIOPHOBIA? Majia Nadesan rips this nuclear industry propaganda talking point to shreds and shows how “radiophobia” has been used against the people of Japan after … Continue reading

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The Tantalizing Nuclear Mirage via The American Prospect

Many see nuclear power as a necessary part of any carbon-neutral mix. The reality isn’t so simple. BY ALEXANDER SAMMON DECEMBER 5, 2019 […] So does the Green New Deal need nuclear to achieve its lofty goals? Does zero-carbon energy infrastructure … Continue reading

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Nuclear Industry’s $23 Billion Bailout Request Shows Why It Should Have ‘No Role to Play’ in Solving Climate Crisis: Study via Common Dreams

by Eoin Higgins, staff writer A proposed bailout of the U.S. nuclear power industry that could cost taxpayers $23 billion over the next 10 years is a perfect example of why the climate crisis needs solutions that focus on renewable … Continue reading

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Green New Deal & Climate Change: NUKES ARE NOT THE ANSWER! Fairewinds’ Gundersen w/the Science, NEIS’s Snyder w/the Languaging Tricks NH #399 via Nuclear Hotseat

CLICK HERE for this week’s episode, #399   This Week’s Featured Interviews:  Are nukes “carbon-free” and can they actually help turn around global warming?  Arnie Gundersen — Chief Engineer at Fairewinds Energy Education, as well as a former licensed nuclear reactor operator and … Continue reading

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