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Science is objective—but are all scientists objective? via Nation of Change

By Karl Grossman August 25, 2020 There is science—and then there is scientific vested interests. With a denier of science in The White House—whether it has to do with the climate crisis or Covid-19 and so on—there is a major … Continue reading

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Scientific blinders: Learning from the moral failings of Nazi physicists via Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Talia Weiss Scientists and engineers who contribute to nuclear modernization programs today, or who engage in other defense-related research, may feel they have little in common with physicists working in service of the German government during World War II. … Continue reading

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Fukushima at 8: Accusations of scientific misconduct concern city in Japan via Beyond Nuclear

[…] After the nuclear catastrophe began, Date City residents received glass badges that measured radioactivity. About four and a half years of measurements collected from these glass badges were used by Ryugo Hayano, Professor emeritus from the University of Tokyo … Continue reading

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‘Groundbreaking’ Study Links Texas Earthquakes to Wastewater Injection From Fracking via EcoWatch (Reader Supported News)

By Lorraine Chow ven though scientists are pretty certain that wastewater injection from fracking and conventional drilling has led to the unprecedented spate of earthquakes rollicking Oklahoma, Texas and other states in recent years. Definitive proof, however, is rare. But … Continue reading

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Fukushima: Is the CNRS a purveyor of ignorance?* Or Fukushima: the CNRS does not tell the truth and indoctrinates the masses* by Thierry Ribault

On January 7 2013, CNRS (the French National Center for Scientific Research) gave access to a « scientific multimedia site » on nuclear energy intended for the general public. As a CNRS researcher trained in economics, based in Japan, where … Continue reading

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Fukushima : le CNRS tait la vérité et domestique les masses via Rue89

Le CNRS a rendu accessible le 7 janvier un dossier scientifique multimédia sur l’énergie nucléaire, destiné au «  grand public  ». Chercheur au CNRS en poste au Japon, où je travaille sur les modalités de la protection humaine dans le contexte du désastre … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight’s Mushroom Cloud via Truth-out.org

“The Dark Knight Rises” – in addition to being tied to real life tragedy – is so chockfull of subplots, back stories and caesura for action sequences that critics and viewers don’t seem to care about its primary narrative: After … Continue reading

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Fukushima: les poissons encore contaminés via Le Monde

TOKYO – Le niveau de contamination radioactive demeure élevé chez les poissons au large de Fukushima, au Japon, plus d’un an et demi après l’accident de la centrale nucléaire, d’après un article à paraître dans la revue «Science» de vendredi. … Continue reading

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