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FACING NUCLEAR REALITY 35 years after The Day After via The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Dawn Stover In 1982, a 40-year-old insurance salesman who sold policies to professional athletes traveled from his home in Lawrence, Kansas, to New York City on a business trip. Shortly before he left, Bob Swan, Jr.—the father of two … Continue reading

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What We Talk About When We Don’t Want to Talk About Nuclear War via TomDispatch (Reader Supported News)

Nick Turse Last month, near the end of the first presidential debate, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton laid a masterful trap for her Republican rival. Reminding viewers of Donald Trump’s frequent crude comments about women, she mentioned “a woman in a … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight’s Mushroom Cloud via Truth-out.org

“The Dark Knight Rises” – in addition to being tied to real life tragedy – is so chockfull of subplots, back stories and caesura for action sequences that critics and viewers don’t seem to care about its primary narrative: After … Continue reading

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A Whisper of Nuclear War Spurs a Sell-Off in a Russian Stock Market via New York Times

MOSCOW — An unusually candid reference to nuclear war by Russia’s prime minister prompted a sell-off in the nation’s stock market this week, underscoring how nervous traders here have become about worsening relations with the West, a street protest movement … Continue reading

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