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Fallout over Fukushima fallout papers continues as two are retracted via Retraction Watch

20200804 A radiology journal has retracted two papers about the fallout from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan over concerns that the researchers used “ethically inappropriate data” from the people they studied.  The articles, which appeared in the Journal of Radiological Protection in … Continue reading

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Comments on “Individual external dose monitoring of all citizens of Date City by passive dosimeter 5 to 51 months after the Fukushima NPP accident (series): 1. Comparison of individual dose with ambient dose rate monitored by aircraft surveys.” via arXiv

Masaki Oshikawa, Yutaka Hamaoka, Kyo Kageura, Shin-ichi Kurokawa, Jun Makino, Yoh Tanimoto(Submitted on 31 Jan 2020) […] (12) In the Conclusion section, the authors write “it is possible to predict the external exposure dose received by each individual based on the aircraft monitoring data”. As … Continue reading

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Fukushima at 8: Accusations of scientific misconduct concern city in Japan via Beyond Nuclear

[…] After the nuclear catastrophe began, Date City residents received glass badges that measured radioactivity. About four and a half years of measurements collected from these glass badges were used by Ryugo Hayano, Professor emeritus from the University of Tokyo … Continue reading

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Shin-ichi Kurokawa Sets Straight Dishonesty and Misrepresentation in the Hayano Statement Regarding the Radiation Dose Study with Alleged Misconduct via Fukushima Voice Version 2E

Urgent Report: Professor Emeritus Kurokawa sets straight dishonesty and misrepresentation in the “statement” by Ryugo Hayano, the author of the radiation dose study with alleged misconduct Written by Shin-ichi Kurokawa   On January 8, 2019, Ryugo Hayano posted “A position … Continue reading

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