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The Half lives of the abandoned via Beyond Nuclear International

By Cindy Folkers “Whatever I do, all pleasure has disappeared from my life…we are living with a narrow range of activities.”  Akemi Shima was a resident of Date (duh-tay) City when the reactors at Fukushima exploded, spewing radioactive particles into … Continue reading

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Comments on “Individual external dose monitoring of all citizens of Date City by passive dosimeter 5 to 51 months after the Fukushima NPP accident (series): 1. Comparison of individual dose with ambient dose rate monitored by aircraft surveys.” via arXiv

Masaki Oshikawa, Yutaka Hamaoka, Kyo Kageura, Shin-ichi Kurokawa, Jun Makino, Yoh Tanimoto(Submitted on 31 Jan 2020) […] (12) In the Conclusion section, the authors write “it is possible to predict the external exposure dose received by each individual based on the aircraft monitoring data”. As … Continue reading

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Fukushima at 8: Accusations of scientific misconduct concern city in Japan via Beyond Nuclear

[…] After the nuclear catastrophe began, Date City residents received glass badges that measured radioactivity. About four and a half years of measurements collected from these glass badges were used by Ryugo Hayano, Professor emeritus from the University of Tokyo … Continue reading

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