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How to dismantle an atomic lie–taking apart the nuclear falsehoods via Fairewinds Energy Education

By Arnie Gundersen The Beginning I am a nuclear engineer and have been for 50-years. I have two Nuclear Engineering degrees, a Nuclear Reactor Operator’s license, and ultimately became a Senior Vice president in the nuclear industry. My journey in … Continue reading

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Fairewinds Nuclear Spring Series: TMI (Three Mile Island) Archival Records Unearthed via Demystifying Nuclear Power Blog

By Arnie Gundersen Welcome to Fairewinds Nuclear Spring Series. This third installment will share some newly discovered archival material about the March 28, 1979 meltdown at Three Mile Island (TMI) atomic power reactor. You may remember Fairewinds asserted that the meltdown … Continue reading

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Radioactive Isotopes Measured at Olympic and Paralympic Venues in Fukushima Prefecture and Tokyo, Japan via Fairewinds Energy Education

November 12, 2020 Marco Paul Johann Kaltofen Department of Physics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Arnie Gundersen and Maggie Gundersen Fairewinds Energy Education, Charleston, South Carolina, USA. […] Here is the current link to the Abstract in Environmental Engineering … Continue reading

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Leaning (Nuclear) Tower of Vogtle: Arnie Gundersen + Nancy Burton on Millstone Covid Outbreak + Int’l Covid/Nuclear UPDATE via Nuclear Hotseat

This Week’s Featured Interviews: Arnie Gundersen, Chief Engineer at Fairewinds Energy Education, has more than 45 years of nuclear power engineering experience. He holds a nuclear safety patent, was a licensed reactor operator, and is a former nuclear industry senior vice president. … Continue reading

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Three Mile Island 40th Anniversary Special Part 1 via Nuclear Hotseat

NOTE:  I am currently in Harrisburg, PA, for events surrounding the 40th anniversary of the 1979 nuclear meltdown at Three Mile Island.  Today’s program, Nuclear Hotseat’s Annual TMI Anniversary SPECIAL, will be followed in two weeks by another SPECIAL, this one … Continue reading

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40 years after Three Mile Island accident, debate over safety of nuclear energy still goes back and forth via Penn Live

By Ivey DeJesus | idejesus@pennlive.comArnold “Arnie” Gundersen was a lead nuclear engineer in 1979 when the partial meltdown at Three Mile Island sent a tide of fear and panic across central Pennsylvania. Gundersen, a former licensed reactor operator, needed no coaxing … Continue reading

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Fukushima at Eight: Arnie Appears on Global Research News Hour via Fairewinds Energy Education

About the Interview Arnie Gundersen appears on Global Research News Hour, Hosted by Michael Welch, to share his understanding of the spread of nuclear contamination at Fukushima, the Japanese government’s bid to distract the public with heavy investment in and … Continue reading

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Green New Deal & Climate Change: NUKES ARE NOT THE ANSWER! Fairewinds’ Gundersen w/the Science, NEIS’s Snyder w/the Languaging Tricks NH #399 via Nuclear Hotseat

CLICK HERE for this week’s episode, #399   This Week’s Featured Interviews:  Are nukes “carbon-free” and can they actually help turn around global warming?  Arnie Gundersen — Chief Engineer at Fairewinds Energy Education, as well as a former licensed nuclear reactor operator and … Continue reading

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NUCLEAR FIRE SPECIAL: Woolsey Fire’s Nuke Origins via Nuclear Hotseat

Listen Here: Audio Player   Podcast: Download NUCLEAR FIRE – WOOLSEY’S NUKE ORIGINS SPECIAL: Denise Duffield, Administrator of Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles, Director of its Nuclear Threats program, and leader of PSR-LA’s efforts to ensure a proper cleanup of the Santa Susana … Continue reading

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7 Years on, Sailors Exposed to Fukushima Radiation Seek Their Day in Court via The Nation

By Gregg Levine   Special investigation: US military personnel are sick and dying, and want the nuclear plant’s designers and owners to take responsibility. […] The Reagan—along with two dozen other US Navy vessels—was part of Operation Tomodachi (Japanese for “friends”), … Continue reading

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