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‘Mother of Chernobyl’ via The Current

Student short film is selected for the 2020 Santa Barbara International Film Festival By Sonia Fernandez The year is 1987, and in the wake of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster a young Ukrainian mother named Masha grapples with an unfathomable decision: … Continue reading

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Tokyo ‘Recovery Olympics’ offer scant solace to displaced victims of Fukushima nuclear disaster via The Japan Times

BY MARI YAMAGUCHI AND STEPHEN WADE FUTABA, FUKUSHIMA PREF. – Nine years after an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster devastated wide areas of the prefecture, the torch relay for the 2020 Summer Games will kick off in Fukushima. Some baseball and softball games will … Continue reading

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US nuclear reactor shut down after officials discover leak via Fox News

JENKINSVILLE, S.C. (AP) — A South Carolina energy company has shut down one of its nuclear reactors after officials discovered a small leak in the coolant system. Dominion Energy spokeswoman Rhonda O’Banion told The State on Saturday that the V.C. Summer reactor in Fairfield County is temporarily … Continue reading

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He saw a Marshall Islands nuclear bomb test up close. It’s haunted him since 1952 via Los Angeles Times

By SUSANNE RUST MENLO PARK, Calif. —  In the summer of 1952, Alan Jones, an industrious redhead with an impish smile, yearned for excitement and adventure. He drove down the California coast from Berkeley to La Jolla, hoping to join an oceanographic expedition … Continue reading

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Citizens’ group in Fukushima puts out radiation map in English via The Asahi Shimbun

FUKUSHIMA—A citizens’ group here has released an English radiation-level map for eastern Japan created with input from 4,000 volunteers in response to requests from abroad ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. “We want people outside Japan to understand the reality of … Continue reading

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Fukushima is not safe for 2020 Olympics, nuclear scientists warn via Baltimore Post-Examiner

BY EARL YARINGTON · Would Russia hold the 1994 Olympics at Chernobyl, the site of the 1986 meltdown? Only 8-years later, do we really think it’s safe to hold the Olympics on Fukushima soil? What would common sense tell us? But these … Continue reading

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Beer Named After Nuclear Testing Site Bikini Atoll Gets Called Out for Insensitivity via TIME

BY CADY LANG  The Manhattan Project Beer Company, a Texas-based craft beer company, was called out for insensitivity this week by Pacific Islanders and the Marshall Islands government for naming one of its beers after the Bikini Atoll, a site of extensive U.S. … Continue reading

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Russia’s response to nuclear disaster: lie, cover up — and put the world at risk via The Hill

BY STEPHEN BLANK, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR Russia is prone to nuclear catastrophes. But these disasters don’t place Russians alone at risk. Sooner or later, they could place the world in danger, as one very nearly did three decades ago. A 1960 weapons … Continue reading

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Can 2020 Summer Olympics help Fukushima rebound from nuclear disaster? via Los Angeles Times

By DAVID WHARTONSTAFF WRITER  […] Since the spring of 2011, the world has known Fukushima for the massive earthquake and tsunami that killed approximately 16,000 people along the coast. Flooding triggered a nuclear plant meltdown that forced hundreds of thousands more from their … Continue reading

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Chernobyl’s children are taking vacation breaks to escape radiation, but there aren’t enough families to host them via World Economic Forum

Europe is still reeling from the radioactive legacy of Chernobyl, a 1986 nuclear disaster that resulted in widespread contamination in Belarus, Ukraine, and Western Russia. More than 30 years after the core of a nuclear reactor opened at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, locals near … Continue reading

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