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INWORKS study: risk of leukaemia from protracted radiation exposure via The Lancet Haematology


I am writing in response to the Article by Klervi Leuraud and colleagues reporting the findings of the INWORKS study.1 The authors analysed the association between deaths caused by leukaemia and lymphoma of radiation-monitored workers in the nuclear industry in France, the UK, and the USA, and their cumulative occupational radiation doses using the linear no-threshold (LNT) model. The authors concluded that the study provides strong evidence of an association between protracted low-dose radiation exposure and leukaemia mortality.

The full text and reference are available at INWORKS study: risk of leukaemia from protracted radiation exposure

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Nuclear industry to push for Australia to adopt ‘clean, affordable power’ via The Guardian

The nuclear industry will lobby for nuclear energy in Australia, saying the prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, should embrace the technology as a way to slash greenhouse gas emissions.

The Australian Nuclear Association (ANA) will accompany Danny Roderick, chief executive of the leading US nuclear technology firm Westinghouse, to talk to government ministers and business leaders in Canberra and Sydney next week.

Roderick said nuclear power could help produce “clean, reliable, affordable electricity for more people”.

“We’d like to help Australia explore ways to create jobs and economic opportunity that are also good for the environment,” he said.


Research conducted by the University of New South Wales last year found that it was feasible to transition to 100% renewable energy without the need for nuclear power.

Separate analysis conducted by the federal government in 2013 put the cost of 100% renewable energy to be between $219bn and $332bn by 2050.

Jim Green, an anti-nuclear campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said it was unlikely that nuclear would ever be feasible in Australia.

“Nuclear is expensive and it’s getting more expensive as time goes on,” he said. “The start-up costs would be spectacular. Once you involve the employment of thousands of specialist scientists and technicians, land acquisition and a new regulatory system you’d almost certainly need government subsidies.

“There is no reality to this. There’s no technology that is vaguely acceptable to Australia available at a cost of $5.5bn a reactor.

“We don’t need a bridge from fossil fuels to renewables, we just need renewables. It’s viable and affordable. There is a lot of rhetoric around a nuclear renaissance, but not much else.”

Read more at Nuclear industry to push for Australia to adopt ‘clean, affordable power’

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汚染水流出:東電社長ら32人公害犯罪処罰法違反書類送検 via 毎日新聞





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Nuclear-powered carrier USS Ronald Reagan arrives in Japan via The Philippine Star

YOKOSUKA — The American nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan docked at its new home in Japan’s Yokosuka naval port yesterday just as Tokyo tries to deepen defense ties with the US under new security laws that expand the role of Japan’s military.

The warship received a warm welcome from Japanese officials because of its role in disaster relief following the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster in northern Japan.

Outside the port, however, a small group of citizens protested the aircraft carrier’s deployment as a move to step up Japan’s military cooperation with the US

The Ronald Reagan, carrying about 5,000 crewmembers, replaces the USS George Washington, which was the first US nuclear-powered warship based in Japan, where atomic weapons are a sensitive issue. The George Washington, which arrived in 2008, left in May for a multiyear overhaul in the US

Three destroyers are to be deployed later this year in Yokosuka, near Tokyo, bringing the number of US warships based there to 14, the largest since Japan’s World War II defeat in 1945, Kyodo News reported.

During its relief work four years ago, the Ronald Reagan ferried food and water to the city of Sendai in disaster-hit northern Japan. About 80 sailors on that mission have sued the operator of the wrecked Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, saying it lied about the levels of radiation in the area.

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トモダチ作戦、称賛の陰で 元空母乗組員ら健康被害訴え via 朝日新聞









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American Indians accuse NRC of ‘environmental racism’ via Las Vegas Review Journal

The feds call it “environmental justice.”

Western Shoshones say it’s really “environmental racism.”

Whatever words apply, a challenge by American Indian tribes on that subject in the latest Nuclear Regulatory Commission report for disposing nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain could slam the brakes on the project.

This month, because of a 2013 federal appeals court decision, the commission rejuvenated proceedings on the Department of Energy’s license application to build and operate a repository for the nation’s highly radioactive waste at the mountain, 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

While that translates to only a “small fraction” increase in the dose people receive from normal background radiation, according to the NRC staff’s report, project opponents say it could be enough to disqualify the site for licensing on grounds of environmental injustice.

That’s because burying 77,000 tons of highly radioactive defense wastes and spent fuel from power reactors there coupled with past episodes of fallout from nuclear weapons tests amounts to “environmental racism,” according to the Western Shoshone and Timbisha Shoshone tribes and a Reno lawyer.

Western Shoshone Ian Zabarte, a board member of the Native Community Action Council, a party with standing in the NRC’s licensing proceedings, was blunt in his public comments at an NRC panel meeting this month in Las Vegas.

“From our perspective the processes employed by the DOE is environmental racism designed to systematically dismantle the living ‘lifeways’ of the Western Shoshone people in relation to our land,” he said.


Contaminating the purity of one downstream of the planned Yucca Mountain repository site could pollute all of them, he said.

“The Earth can live without us. But I don’t think we can live without the Earth,” he told the NRC panel.

Timbisha Shoshone Tribe Chairman George Gholson said the tribe will submit comments on the NRC’s report. “The tribe vehemently opposes the storage of radioactive waste in our backyard,” he said Thursday.

Radioactive particles that will cause that “small fraction” dose increase to humans many years in the future is not background radiation that exists worldwide from natural sources such as cosmic rays and granite formations.


“They lied about the health effects of atmospheric testing. They lied about radiation on the ground when they were going to set off that 700-ton bunker-buster bomb. Now they’re lying about the type of radiation that is going to be dispersed from nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain,” Hager said Wednesday.

Richard Miller, an expert witness in the Divine Strake case, said the NRC report’s conclusion on “environmental justice” misses the mark.

“It’s a very clever statement that obscures the facts,” said Miller, an industrial hygienist who has written six books on nuclear testing and co-authored three peer-reviewed papers.

“The first thing they’re doing is trying to tie particulate exposure with background radiation. They’re apples and oranges, actually apples and toxic oranges. These can wind up inside you, and that’s a (cancer) risk increase,” he said Thursday.

Read more at American Indians accuse NRC of ‘environmental racism’

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続編「日本と原発 4年後」 10月10日ユーロスペースにて公開!via 「日本と原発」ホームページ

上映開始時間 10:45| 13:15| 16:00| 18:30|

ポスター、予告動画は続編「日本と原発 4年後」 10月10日ユーロスペースにて公開!

関連サイト:Nuclear Japan: synopsis

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福島第1の市町村除染も95%支払いへ 東電、環境省に伝達 via 日本経済新聞





全文は福島第1の市町村除染も95%支払いへ 東電、環境省に伝達

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Beware Japan’s Coming Nuclear Problem: Report via The Diplomat

Tokyo’s coming plutonium glut could pose nuclear dangers, a new report warns.

A surplus of Japanese plutonium over the next few years could pose significant nuclear dangers for the region and the world unless it is addressed now, a new report released this week by a Washington, D.C.-based think tank has warned.

Japan is the only non-nuclear-weapon state which extracts plutonium from the spent fuel produced in nuclear reactors – a process called reprocessing – to fabricate more fuel, a controversial practice since the plutonium can also be used to make nuclear weapons. While Tokyo has pledged not to produce more plutonium than it consumes, the fallout from the 2011 Fukushima incident makes it likely that Japan will violate that commitment in the next decade, with a plutonium conversion facility still in the works and only a portion of its reactors that consume plutonium likely to be restarted before the reprocessing plant is at full capacity.

Japan’s resulting plutonium glut, argues James Acton, a longtime nonproliferation analyst, must be averted by Tokyo and its partners because it would set a damaging precedent, exacerbate regional tensions and increase the likelihood of nuclear terrorism.


The report also underscores the urgency of the task at hand. While the coming plutonium glut may be a decade away according to Acton’s projection, he argues that sticking to the current path will only make it more difficult for Tokyo to convince local stakeholders about the need for policy change further down the line and waste the critical time needed to develop a credible plan to manage plutonium.

“Unfortunately, waiting will probably make the problem even more vexing,” Acton warns.

Read more at Beware Japan’s Coming Nuclear Problem: Report

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伊方再稼働:町長「同意、判断時期迫る」 議会で述べる 議場外では抗議活動 /愛媛 via 毎日新聞

山下和彦・伊方町長は30日開会した9月議会の冒頭あいさつで、伊方原発3号機の再稼働について「(地元として同意するかどう か)判断の時期が迫っている。議会の判断結果を踏まえ、総合的に判断する」と述べた。「原発との共存で町は発展し、豊かな暮らしを実現してきた」と、原発 の役割を評価した。一方、議場の外では脱原発グループが再稼働反対を訴えた。





全文は伊方再稼働:町長「同意、判断時期迫る」 議会で述べる 議場外では抗議活動 /愛媛

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