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Class action lawsuits filed for victims of West Lake Landfill radiation via St. Louis American

Radioactive material came to St. Louis in the 1940s with World War II, when a uranium processing plant was constructed downtown. Years later, in the 1970s, radioactive waste from that site was transported to the West Lake Landfill in the St. Louis County suburb of Bridgeton. That material is still impacting St. Louis today, but residents in the surrounding area may be getting a ray of hope in the form of a legal case.

Recently, the HBO documentary “Atomic Homefront” brought national attention to the long struggle of North St. Louis residents to gain accountability for the effects of radioactive waste dumped at West Lake Landfill and Coldwater Creek. Now, several law firms are joining together to file a class-action lawsuit on behalf of those impacted.


The Environmental Protection Agency under Scott Pruitt agreed on Feb. 1 to remove the majority of the radioactive material from the West Lake Landfill over a period of five years, but the lawyers in this case said that is not enough.

“Too little has been done over the last several years, and over the last several decades,” Keane said.

“Atomic Homefront,” which focuses on the efforts of citizen activist group Just Moms STL, documents high incidences of rare cancers in the areas around West Lake Landfill and Coldwater Creek and highlights families who want to move away from the area but, due to the plummeting property values of their homes, cannot afford to.

According to Keane, tests done in preparation for the lawsuits showed high levels of radiation within several homes and businesses. He also said an expert will testify that radioactive materials were built into construction sites in Bridgeton, laid underneath the foundations of homes.

Keane said the effects of the radioactivity could become even more widespread if an underground fire that has been burning at the landfill since at least 2010 reaches the radioactive waste. The chemical reactions caused by this, he said, could lead to contaminated rain which would fall on every part of St. Louis.

After the Russian Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986, radioactive rains spread the impact across the continent and reached as far away as Wales.

“People should be very upset about this,” Keane said. “They should be fired up about this.”

Defendants in the cases include Republic Services, Cutter Corp and other corporations that have handled waste disposal. The attorneys will seek damages for affected residents that could include compensation, home buyouts and relocation, as well as a cleanup of the sites.

Keane said homeowners in the area will receive a flyer explaining the cases and containing a 1-800 number they can call to learn more.




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<日本原燃>廃棄物受け入れを再開 10カ月ぶり via 河北新報






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大杉漣さんが、原発事故を取り上げた「NHKスペシャル」に出演 via News Walker

2月21日に急逝した俳優・大杉漣さんが、3月17日(土)に放送される「NHKスペシャル『メルトダウンFile.07 AI徹底分析 原発事故全記録』」(夜9:00‐9:50、NHK総合)に登場することが分かった。




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French police move in to clear nuclear storage protests via The Telegraph

Hundreds of French police swooped in at dawn to evict about 15 protesters living in treehouses at a site that is due to be developed to store nuclear waste deep under the earth.

Two bulldozers accompanied around 500 gendarmes in body armour as they removed the men and women who have been occupying a zone in forest of Lejuc near the village of Bure.

Other officers raided a nearby premises dubbed the “House of Resistance” and evicted about 30 protestors.

The area is earmarked to be used to bury long-life nuclear waste from France’s nuclear power stations 500 metres under the ground. Planned exploratory drilling has not been possible because of protests by local groups and environmentalists.

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Police remove protesters from proposed nuclear landfill site via RFI

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Austria sues over EU approval of Hungary nuclear plant via Phys Org

Staunchly anti-nuclear Austria lodged a legal complaint with the European Court of Justice on Thursday against the EU’s approval of the expansion of a nuclear plant in neighbouring Hungary.

The approval, granted by the European Commission in March, would allow the expansion of the Paks nuclear plant outside the Hungarian capital Budapest with a 10 billion euro ($12.4 billion) Russian loan.

The plant is Hungary’s only nuclear facility and supplies around 40 percent of its electricity needs.

“For our nature, our environment and our unique landscape, we must take up this David and Goliath struggle,” sustainability minister Elisabeth Koestinger said in a statement, confirming the launching of the complaint at the Court of Justice of the European Union.

“Nuclear energy must have no place in Europe. We will not budge one centimetre from this position!” she added.


The construction of two new reactors at the site is part of a 2014 deal struck between Hungary’s right-wing Prime Minister Victor Orban and ally Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The work, to be carried out by Moscow’s state-owned nuclear agency Rosatom, is set to more than double the plant’s capacity.

Hungary’s opposition has criticised the awarding of the contract to Rosatom without holding an open tender.


Austria filed a complaint against EU-approved state aid for the Hinkley Point C in Britain in 2015, arguing that atomic energy was unsustainable and high-risk.

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除染業者の44%に法令違反 福島労働局が是正指導 via 産経ニュース




続きは除染業者の44%に法令違反 福島労働局が是正指導 

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Japan wins WTO dispute over South Korean bans on Fukushima-related food via Reuters

TOKYO/GENEVA (Reuters) – A World Trade Organization ruling on Thursday largely upheld a Japanese complaint against South Korea’s import bans and additional testing requirements imposed on Japanese seafood because of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

[…] a WTO dispute panel said South Korea’s measures were initially justified but keeping them in place violated the WTO’s sanitary and phyto-sanitary (SPS) agreement, and urged Seoul to take corrective action.

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福島などの水産物、韓国の輸入禁止は「不当」 WTO via 日本経済新聞







全文は福島などの水産物、韓国の輸入禁止は「不当」 WTO 

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米沢自主避難者立ち退き 反対署名6138人 福島県に提出 via 河北新報





全文は米沢自主避難者立ち退き 反対署名6138人 福島県に提出

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男性自殺、東電に賠償命令「原発事故負担影響」via 毎日新聞









◇東日本大震災から7年近くが過ぎる現在も、震災や原発事故に関連する自殺は絶えない。福島県の関連自殺者は昨年までに99人に上る。一昨年は7人に減ったが、昨年は12人と増加に転じた。年月とともに被災者が置き去りにされ、自殺者の増加につながることを心配する声が出ている。(102歳自殺 原発事故が強いた絶望

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