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How America’s Push for the Atomic Bomb Spawned Enduring Radioactive Waste Problems in St. Louis via Associated Press

Michael Phillis and Jim Salter/Associated Press The federal government and companies responsible for nuclear bomb production and atomic waste storage sites in the St. Louis area in the mid-20th century were aware of health risks, spills, improperly stored contaminants and … Continue reading

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How an Article about the H-Bomb Landed Scientific American in the Middle of the Red Scare via Portside

On April 1, 1950, the New York Times carried a sensational front-page headline, “U.S. Censors H-Bomb Data; 3,000 Magazine Copies Burnt.” The story’s lead sentence read: “Gerard Piel, editor of the Scientific American, attacked the censorship policies of the Atomic Energy Commission yesterday … Continue reading

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Antarctica Is Still Releasing Radiation from Cold War Nuclear Tests via Popular Mechanics

There’s 10 times as much chlorine as normal in some regions. By David Grossman Scientists studying Antarctic ice have made a surprising discovery: manmade chlorine remains at unusually high levels within parts of the ice. The chlorine stems from nuclear testing in the 1950s … Continue reading

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Despite Energy Department Outreach, Radiation Fears Remain In Piketon via WOSU Public Radio

By NICK EVANS In Waverly, a YMCA gym is lined with poster boards set up on easels. Glen Broughton stands in the middle, looking over a huge three-dimensional map of the former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant. “Our camper sets right here, … Continue reading

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The Madness of Nuclear Deterrence via the Wall Street Journal

The dangers have only become more acute in the decades since I tried to convince Thatcher. By Mikhail Gorbachev ‘Deterrence cannot protect the world from a nuclear blunder or nuclear terrorism,” George Shultz, William Perry and Sam Nunn recently wrote. “Both … Continue reading

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Department of Labor adds dozens of steps that may delay healthcare for Cold War nuclear workers via KNOX News

Brittany Crocker Sick and injured Cold War nuclear workers are likely to see delays in their health care claims because the Department of Labor has added dozens of steps to the process, according to a home care provider that helps … Continue reading

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Why There Are No Nuclear Airplanes via The Atlantic

Christian Ruhl The U.S. Navy recently asked Congress for $139 billion to update its fleet of nuclear-powered submarines. Unlike “conventional” submarines, which need to surface frequently, nuclear submarines can cruise below the sea at high speeds for decades without ever needing to … Continue reading

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Group Wants Radiation Testing at Pruitt-Igoe Site via CBSSt.Louis

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – An environmental group wants work to stop on a development adjacent to the NGA West project to settle old questions about possible Cold War radiation at the site. It’s the old Pruitt-Igoe public housing site, knocked down and overgrown … Continue reading

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Lies Your High School History Teacher Told You About Nukes via The New York Times

[…] We have bad news. Your teacher was wrong. Mutually assured destruction, according to a growing body of scholarship, is a myth. There is no magic theory that renders nuclear war impossible. If you don’t believe us, consider what happened … Continue reading

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A predictable nuclear accident at Hanford via Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Hugh Gusterson […] On May 9, workers discovered a 20-foot-diameter hole where the roof had collapsed on a makeshift nuclear waste site: a tunnel, sealed in 1965, encasing old railroad cars and equipment contaminated with radiation through years of plutonium … Continue reading

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