In 5 Charts, Here’s Why Nuclear Energy Is Going Nowhere via Business Insider

At least five U.S. nuclear plants have been shuttered this year, the result of runaway expenses and an inability to compete with cheap natural gas produced by the shale boom.

So you may not need more reason to think nuclear is going nowhere.

But here are five more charts, via a Citi team led by Jason Channell, showing that nuclear is not only on the wane in America, but also around the world.

Nuclear now requires an up-front investment 5x greater than gas on a per Watt basis.
Nuclear may have lower operational costs than fossil fuels, but they’re still more than the nearly non-existent operational costs of renewables.
This explains why, worldwide, nuclear investment is already trailing solar.
And during the next two decades, demand for renewables will be greater than for nuclear.
And if you think any help is coming from China, think again. The solar capacity alone will eventually be larger than nuclear, and wind capacity will dwarf it.

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