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Japan PM seeks overseas help on Fukushima nuclear plant via The Sydney Morning Herald

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says Japan is open to receiving overseas help to contain widening radioactive water leaks at the crippled nuclear plant in Fukushima, with leaks and mishaps reported almost daily. Abe made the comments in a speech at … Continue reading

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Fukushima Leak Is Far Worse Than Japan Is Letting On, Nuclear Experts Warn via Huffington Post UK

Conflicting reports have left many baffled, and now nuclear experts have highlighted that no one really knows the true severity of the radioactive water leaks at Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. The crippled plant’s operator, the Tokyo Electric Power Company … Continue reading

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Madrid ‘favoured’ for Olympic bid via Al Jazeera

Spanish city set to benefit as Syria’s civil war and stricken Fukushima plant threatens Tokyo and Istanbul’s 2020 bids. Fears over radiation from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant and fall-out from the bloody civil war in Syria are hanging over … Continue reading

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3 days ahead of vote to choose 2020 Olympic host, bid cities fend off concerns via The Washington Post

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Three days before the vote to choose the host of the 2020 Olympics, bid officials for Tokyo, Istanbul and Madrid were forced to fend off criticism about various aspects of their bids. All three cities present … Continue reading

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What if the Fukushima Ice Wall Defrosts? Looking at Risks of Japan’s Experiment via PBS

SUMMARY The Japanese government is planning to build an ice wall around the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant to try to stop radioactive water leaks. Jeffrey Brown examines the risks and potential political fallout with Arjun Makhijani of the Institute for … Continue reading

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Japan earmarks £300m+ for Fukushima cleanup via The Guardian

Tokyo unveils measures to decontaminate toxic water at nuclear power plant as Tepco struggles to prevent leaks into Pacific Japan’s government is to spend almost $500m (£320m) in an attempt to contain leaks and decontaminate highly toxic water at the … Continue reading

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Japan’s Fukushima crisis: How did we get to this point? via CNN

(CNN) — More than two years on from the worst nuclear disaster in a quarter of a century, the situation at Japan’s stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant remains toxic, prompting the Japanese government to announce new measures to attempt … Continue reading

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Fukushima: The long road home after 2011 disaster via CNN

Fukushima Prefecture, Japan (CNN) — “You’re listening to Fukushima FM.” The cheery jingle on the radio reminds you of a different time in this part of eastern Japan, a different world that existed before March 11, 2011. Driving past houses … Continue reading

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Damaged Nuclear Plant in Japan Leaks Toxic Water via The New York Times

TOKYO — Tens of thousands of gallons of radioactive water leaked from a large underground storage pool at Japan’s crippled nuclear plant, and thousands more gallons could seep out before the faulty pool can be emptied, the plant’s operator said … Continue reading

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Pipe leaks water from reactor 4 fuel pool via The Japan Times Online

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Wednesday it has found radioactive coolant water leaking from a broken pipe in reactor 4 of the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, but it hasn’t flowed outside the building. […] According to Tepco, about … Continue reading

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