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US nuclear power plants contain dangerous counterfeit parts, report finds via The Verge

The findings come as countries weigh turning to nuclear energy as an alternative to fossil fuels By Justine Calma At least some nuclear power plants in the US contain counterfeit parts that could pose significant risks, an investigation by the inspector … Continue reading

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More Palisades nuclear plant security workers expressing worry via WWMT.com

VAN BUREN COUNTY, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – Several security officers placed on leave at one of the country’s oldest nuclear reactors say they’re being treated as scapegoats by plant management. This comes after the Newschannel 3 I-Team first uncovered an … Continue reading

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Vermont appeal of Nuclear Regulatory Commission rule shot down by court via The Berkshire Eagle

「。。。」The appeal was filed by the NRDC and attorneys general from New York, Massachusetts and Vermont, with amicus briefs filed by the California State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission, the Sierra Club and one “Native American community.” It called … Continue reading

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High radiation triggers alert at Browns Ferry via timesfreepress.com

The Tennessee Valley Authority activated the lowest of four emergency notifications Wednesday afternoon when high radiation levels were detected in a main steamline at the newest reactor at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant in Alabama. TVA detected the high … Continue reading

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Fired Nuclear Power Plant Guards Win Case to Get Jobs Back via 5NBC Chicago

Security guards who said they were fired for raising concerns about the work environment at the nuclear generating station, Palisades Power Plant, on Lake Michigan can get their jobs back, according to the US Department of Labor. The Occupational Safety … Continue reading

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Costs cited in possible closure of Pilgrim nuclear plant via Cape Cod Times

Entergy Corp. will announce some time this winter whether it will move forward with costly repairs and upgrades to the beleaguered Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station or simply decide the 43-year-old plant is no longer a moneymaker and close it down. … Continue reading

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Four years later, NRC rejects Beyond Nuclear and 10,000+ co-petitioners’ call to close Fukushima-style reactors via Beyond Nuclear

After nearly four years of behind closed doors deliberations, on January 15, 2015, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued its “Final Director’s Decision” rejecting the April 13, 2011 emergency enforcement petition filed by Beyond Nuclear along with more than … Continue reading

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Boxer: Nuclear regulators haven’t learned from Fukushima via The Hill

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) accused the body responsible for nuclear energy safety of ignoring recommendations that sprung from 2011’s Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear meltdown. In the 10th hearing she has held on the disaster caused by an earthquake and tsunami, Boxer, … Continue reading

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曲がり角の原発大国3 事故の影響大きいvia 朝日新聞

サンディエゴ市の北約80キロにはサンオノフレ原発がある。1号機は1992年に閉鎖。83年と84年に運転を始めた2、3号機は2012年、取りつけたばかりの三菱重工業製の蒸気発生器に不具合が起き、相次いで運転が止まった。           □            □  事業者の南カリフォルニア・エジソン社は再稼働を模索したが、地元の反対は強かった。                      昨年4月、州最大のロサンゼルス市議会は再稼働の判断を急がぬよう、米原子力規制委員会(NRC)に求める議決をした。地元のサンクレメンテ市のロリ・ドンチャク市長(当時)も、NRCに丁寧な安全審査を求めた。ドンチャク氏は「どんなエネルギーも利点、欠点はある。その上で、原発はここには必要ないと考えた」と振り返る。           □            □  昨年6月、サンディエゴ市で「福島からの教訓」をテーマにシンポジウムが開かれた。登壇者の中に福島の事故当時にNRC委員長だったグレゴリー・ヤツコ氏と日本の首相だった菅直人氏がいた。2人は同じことを口にした。「原発は事故が起こった時の影響が大きすぎる」  シンポを企画したのは、地元の建築家トーガン・ジョンソン氏だ。カリフォルニア州は多くの断層を抱え、米国内でも地震が起きやすい地域の一つだ。福島の事故当時、妻が3人目の子を妊娠していた。9千キロも離れた国から放射能がたどり着いたことに衝撃を受けた。「サンオノフレで福島のような事故が起きないと誰が責任を持って言えますか? 親として、子どもをより安全な環境で育てたいと願うだけです」  シンポの3日後、エジソン社はサンオノフレ原発の閉鎖を発表した。不具合による運転停止から1年5カ月。NRCの審査が長引き、「先が見通せず、電気の利用者や投資家によくない」と同社は説明した。  ジョンソン氏は「破壊的な事故の代償を払うほどの電気が必要なのか、私たちは福島の事故で考えた。人々の思いがNRCやエジソン社にプレッシャーをかけたのです」と話した。(山田理恵) もっと読む。

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Senior nuclear expert urges regulators to shut down California’s last plant via The Guardian

In confidential report, lead inspector said NRC must determine whether Diablo Canyon’s twin reactors are ‘seismically safe’ A senior federal nuclear expert is urging regulators to shut down California’s last operating nuclear plant until they can determine whether the facility’s … Continue reading

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