Are Court Victories for Nuclear Credits a Win for Renewables? Maybe Not via Greentech Media

On July 31, 2017, Greentech Media published an article entitled “Court Victories for New York, Illinois Nuclear Subsidies Are a Big Win for Renewables,” and declared that the court proceedings represented “a significant win for the nation’s largest nuclear fleet owner Exelon.” While recent developments are certainly good for Exelon shareholders, they are bad for consumers and the environment.

First, no matter how you slice it, these nuclear bailouts are bad public policy. Rather than supporting renewables, they starve green policy initiatives of cash and instead funnel billions of hard-earned consumer dollars to Exelon Corporation’s bottom line. This is no win for renewables.

Second, both the New York and Illinois judges ruled that private parties, including other power generators and ratepayer advocates, lacked “standing” to challenge these handouts in federal court. Depriving private parties of the right to sue in federal court is a breathtaking limit on the right of ratepayers — on whose backs these nuclear bailouts will be paid — to challenge these decisions. In other words, these judicial decisions have every electric consumer in Illinois and New York paying for nuclear power rather than renewable energy, while denying those citizens any say in the process.


Finally, while the New York federal judge dismissed the complaint, this case is far from over. The two District Court decisions represent only the first skirmish in a war that could easily end up at the Supreme Court. In fact, the Illinois appeals court has already set an aggressive schedule for filings and hearings, with the first brief due from the plaintiffs — including consumer advocates — at the end of August.




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