Mele’s Musings: Fear of nuclear event looms as Doomsday Clock nears midnight via Times Leader

Not since the days that Ronald Reagan was in office have I paid as much attention to the potential of nuclear war as I do now.


So you can face victims of radiation poisoning and burns, the catastrophic loss of life, the destruction of cities, and an end to civilization as we know it?

It’s not an unfounded worry. There’s plenty of firepower to blow us all to kingdom come: Nine countries collectively have 14,900 nuclear weapons, the vast majority in the hands of the United States and Russia, according to Ploughshares Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to reducing nuclear threats.

According to the website NukeMap, if the “Tsar Bomba,” the largest Russian bomb tested, was dropped on New York City, it could kill 7.6 million people and injure 4.2 million. The fallout could affect millions more.


I’m reading a fascinating book called “Raven Rock: The Story Of The U.S. Government’s Secret Plan To Save Itself — While The Rest Of Us Die.”

It examines the elaborate plans to ensure the continuity of government in the event of nuclear war.

The plans include numerous secret bunkers to house the president and other leaders and, among other things, a stash of $2 billion in cash, much of it in $2 bills, because, well, you know, I guess money will still have value after the landscape is vaporized.

More recently, CNN reports that Rising S Company, which makes doomsday bunkers, said 2016 sales for its custom-made underground bunkers increased 700 percent from 2015, and overall sales increased 300 percent since the presidential election in November.

Those investing in these doomsday bunkers have more hope about life after death (and destruction) than I do.

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