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Dominion Says Nuclear Reactors Ready To Restart via NPR

ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) — Two Virginia nuclear reactors shut down since an earthquake hit the state in August did not suffer damage that would prevent them from running and are ready to restart, the plant’s operator told the government Friday. … Continue reading

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Fight Over Nuclear Plant Draws N.Y. Political Heavies via NPR

New York’s political titans are clashing over the future of a controversial nuclear plant north of New York City. Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to close the aging Indian Point nuclear plant because of safety concerns. But the plant, which wants … Continue reading

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Residents to file suit seeking halt of Tsuruga reactors via The Mainichi Daily News

OTSU, Japan (Kyodo) — A group of residents from Shiga and nearby prefectures plan to file a lawsuit to suspend the restart of two nuclear reactors at the Tsuruga plant in neighboring Fukui Prefecture, arguing an accident at the plant … Continue reading

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Radioactive soil traced to contaminated rainwater due to broken ditch via The Mainichi Daily News

Rainwater contaminated with radioactive fallout from the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant likely leaked through a broken ditch, causing high levels of radioactive cesium in the soil in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, the central government said Oct. 23. The government … Continue reading

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Local gov’ts struggle to secure radioactive waste sites amid residential opposition; survey via The Mainichi Daily News

Local governments’ efforts to decontaminate radioactive materials emitted by the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant are now in motion, but progress is hindered by an unresolved question — where to store and dispose of contaminated soil and … Continue reading

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Photographer Fukushima Kikujiro – Confronting Images of Atomic Bomb Survivors via Japan Focus

Kikujiro’s Lucky Escape from the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima Just before 8:16 am on August 6, 1945, the atomic bomb named Little Boy dropped from the Enola Gay B-29 bomber and exploded 580 meters above Shima Hospital near the Aioi Bridge in … Continue reading

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九州電力:やらせメール「知事関与否定」再報告書提出へ via 毎日jp

九州電力は24日、やらせメール問題は古川康佐賀県知事の発言が発端だったとする九電第三者委員会(郷原信郎委員長)の見解を認めない最終報告書の修正版を国に再提出する方針を決めた。眞部利應(まなべ・としお)社長の強い意向に沿った修正版で、同日の副社長以上の経営陣が出席した幹部会議で確認した。 14日に提出した最終報告書は臨時取締役会で決めたが、今回は「微修正」にとどまるとして、取締役会を経ずに提出することも検討している。 続きは 九州電力:やらせメール「知事関与否定」再報告書提出へ  

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生活保護:被災5県で中止458世帯…日弁連調査 via 毎日jp

東日本大震災の義援金や東京電力福島第1原発事故による仮払補償金を収入と見なして被災者の生活保護が打ち切られる問題で、日本弁護士連合会は24日、青森、岩手、宮城、福島、茨城の5県で458世帯が生活保護を止められたとの調査結果をまとめた。このうち約半数に相当する233世帯が福島県南相馬市で、日弁連は「南相馬市での取り扱いは問題があり、是正されるべきだ」として、市に改めて改善を求める方針。 続きは 生活保護:被災5県で中止458世帯…日弁連調査

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Radiation Near Tokyo Tied to Rain After Disaster via The Wall Street Journal

TOKYO—After the discovery of the most radioactive “hot spot” so far outside Fukushima prefecture, officials of Kashiwa, a bedroom community just north of Tokyo, began combing through roadside gutters and playgrounds Monday to find and clean up tainted spots. Officials … Continue reading

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脱原発訴えて大分で2千人集会 via asahi.com

原水爆禁止県民会議が23日、大分市都町3丁目のジャングル公園で「さようなら原発! エネルギー政策の転換を求める県民集会」を開いた。主催者によると労組員ら2千人が集まり、集会後、全原発の停止や放射能から子供を守ることなどを訴えてデモ行進した。 続きと写真は 脱原発訴えて大分で2千人集会

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